Foolproof Romantic Dinner Ideas [recipe inspiration]

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to dedicate an entire post to inspiration and ideas for having the perfect romantic dinner, using some of my personal favorite recipes!  Of course, you don’t need Valentine’s Day to have romantic home cooked meal, so all of these romantic dinner ideas can be made any time!  PS. there’s no harm in a little hinting, your sweetie will get the idea when he spots this post in his inbox 😉

Romantic Dinner Idea: Authentic Italian

This romantic Italian dinner will appeal to all your senses.  Start out with a light & fresh Chicken Cacciatorre, accompanied by a savory Brussels sprout salad.  Sip on a skinny red sangria, and follow up your dinner with a hot banana bread pudding!

romantic dinner idea-authentic italian
Get the recipes… 1. Skinny Chicken Cacciatore Recipe 2.  Brussels Sprout Salad  3. Skinny Spiked Sangria 3. Banana Bread Pudding Recipe

Romantic Dinner Idea: Creative Gourmet

Whip up this romantic dinner for the gourmet hound in your life. Start with a dynamic turkey, spinach and feta pappardelle and finish your meal with warm & crumbly strawberry lime bars.  Sip on a refreshing white sangria throughout your romantic meal!

romantic dinner idea-gourmet dinner
Get the recipes…1. Turkey, Spinach & Feta Pappardelle Recipe 2. Winter White Sangria 3. Strawberry Lime Sweeties

Romantic Dinner Idea: International Flavors

Craving something with international flair?  Sip on an apple + cherry Moscow mule, while savoring a dish of chicken tikka masala. Finally, share a dish of creamy lemon cheesecake tarts with your sweetie!

romantic dinner idea-internation flavors
Get the recipes…1. Chicken Tikka Masala 2. Apple + Cherry Moscow Mule 3. Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Tarts

Romantic Dinner Idea: Light & Fresh

Looking for something light and refreshing?  Start by grilling up these Greek chicken skewers with tzatziki sauce, accompanied by a dish of walnut pesto succotash.  Sip on a watermelon smash cocktail, then follow up your meal with a lemon poppy seed cupcake!

romantic dinner idea-light and fresh
Get the recipes…1. Greek Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce 2. Walnut Pesto Succotash 3. Skinny Watermelon Smash Cocktail 4. Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes

Romantic Dinner Idea: Mexican Inspired

Who doesn’t love a fun Mexican dinner?  Enjoy a cucumber mango margarita with your sweetie, while you savor a dish of chicken & black bean Mexican lasagna, follow your romantic dinner up with rich & creamy dark chocolate truffles.

romantic dinner idea-mexican
Get the recipes…1. Chicken & Black Bean Mexican Lasagna Recipe 2. Skinny Cucumber Mango Margaritas 3. Glitz & Glam Dark Chocolate Truffles

Romantic Dinner Idea: Sweet & Savory

Looking for a romantic dinner that’s sweet & savory for your sweetie?  These braised sea scallops with peanut glaze and coconut milk rice with rock your World while you sip on a smooth skinny espresso martini.  Finish your dinner with a plate of dirty monkey cookies for dessert!

romantic dinner idea-sweet and savory
Get the recipes… 1. Braised Sea Scallops with Peanut Glaze & Coconut Milk Rice 2. Skinny Espresso Martini Recipe 3. Dirty Monkey Cookies

So now we’ve got the food and drink covered for your romantic dinner, but the preparation and presentation is almost as important as the meal itself!  You can add a touch of whimsy to your dinner with some of these fun finds from Red Envelope …

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1. Personalized Pig Cutting Board 2. Personalized Kitchen Towels 3. Rustic Candle Jar 4. Red Ceramic Measuring Cups 5. Hootch Owl Corkscrew 6. Amore Champagne Glasses

What are some of your romantic dinner favorites?  Do share!


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