The Skinny Spiked Sangria {Recipe}

skinny spiked sangria glass

Sangria’s are great, they are essentially the “kitchen sink” of cocktails.  They make marvelous party drinks since you can make them in large batches and there are endless sangria variations and possibilities.  Red sangria {my favorite} is the most common, though I’ve had some great white sangria recipes too.  Over the years, I’d like to say that I’ve come pretty close to perfection with the simple red sangria recipe I’m about to share with you.  Not only is this drink delectable, but of course, it’s SKINNY too {well just about at “skinny” as sangria can be!}.   Here it is, the Skinny Spiked Sangria Recipe…  Oh, and be sure to use a BIG pitcher for this sangria recipe, it makes a lot!

skinny spiked sangria pitcher

skinny spiked sangria

Gather up:

1 750 ml bottle of red wine {I like to use Carlo Rossi, Merlot}

6 oz. Three Olives Rangtang Vodka

6 oz. Three Olives Cherry Vodka

1 can of Sprite Zero

8 oz. V8 Splash, Diet Berry Blend

4 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice

2 granny smith apples, cut into wedges

1 blood orange, cut into wedges

1/2 cup of white grapes, cut in half

Blend all ingredients in a large pitcher, keep refridgerated.  Store up to 24 until used.  Serve over ice.

 skinny spiked sangria glass

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