THE PICKLEE STORY… [pronounced “pick-lee“] was founded in January of 2012 by Jordan Reilly.  Picklee began as DIY blog, chronicling Jordan’s adventures transforming old, forgotten about pieces and creating beautiful things for her home, design clients, and her home furnishings shop in Newport, RI.  Her purpose was to inspire as many people as she could reach with fresh, innovative ideas for creating beautiful things & saving money.

In 2013, Jordan married her long time love and high school sweetheart, Brett. They’ve since had three beautiful children (in a span of just 20 months)! Twins, Grant David & Hayden Claire, were born 12 weeks premature in 2015, and their son Harrison Grey was born in January of 2017.  Jordan is now a stay at home mom with a full heart, a very busy schedule and almost no time to do it all! Being a mom of twins and three under two, Jordan had to learn a lot in about motherhood in a very short span of time!  In 2015 Jordan launched a children’s clothing line,, inspired by her premature twins.

Picklee has become an inspirational blog about sharing & creating beautiful things, designing and keeping a charming home, eating well, and navigating motherhood.

Nothing inspires Jordan more than reading your emails & hearing your ideas, thoughts and comments, so keep them coming!