{DIY} Re-Purpose Your Old, Outdated Jewelry

upcycled jewelry orange blue completed

It seems like every few months I retire old, trendy jewelry {and things I’ve just grown tired of} to the back of my jewelry box.  Luckily it’s all just fun, costume jewelry, so nothing that will break the bank, but it still kills me to just let it all go to waste.  Well, lately I’ve been drooling over the Color Rhapsody collection by Pree Brulée {specifically their earrings}.  So rather than over indulge in more trendy jewelry, I’ve decided to up-cycle & repupose some old peices of mine to recreate that bold, bright look I’ve been craving. 

Okay ladies, I know you all have something that looks like this laying around…..old outdated jewelry to upcycle

There’s no use in stashing this stuff in the back of your jewelry box, you know you’ll never wear it.  I turned this pile of clutter into six amazing sets of earrings.  To do this, all I used was a pair of jewelry wire cutters, and earring findings {pins & ear hooks}

For the first pair, I took apart an old orange bracelet and an outdated pair of chandelier earrings.  After playing around with different color combinations, I simply strung the beads onto the pin…upcycled earring how to

Once I had the beads on the pin, I used my wire cutters to bend the pin down to secure the beads-at this point I looped on the earring hook too.

Here was the finished product, my up-cycled creamy orange & white beaded earrings (inspired by Pree Brulée)

 There was no stopping me at this point…this was too much fun, watching jewelry I had written off turn into something I would pay top dollar for!  I live for this stuff!  Here are the rest of my up-cycled earrings!upcycled jewelry pearl silver completed

upcycled earrings lavender green completed

I was so happy with the way these all turned out!  I can’t wait to rock them this weekend =)

jordan picklee signiture1

9 responses to “{DIY} Re-Purpose Your Old, Outdated Jewelry

  1. Love them all Jordan; hard to pick a favorite. Makes me want to haul out my costume jewelry and get creative. However,there’s a painting to finish for someone special 😉 so it will have to wait for another day.

  2. These are fantastic! Something I can see myself staying up all hours of the night having fun putting together. Lord knows I have a huge pile of tangled mess in a box somewhere.

    1. I know right! These were too much fun to make. It would be fun to have an “old jewelry” party, where everyone brings their old stuff and re-purposes it!

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