The Up-cycled Beach Bubble Ring {DIY}

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It’s no surprise that I’m a total sucker for anything beach related. Especially if it’s natural and turquoise (one of my all time favorite colors). I’ve never been into bold, flashy jewelry…in my opinion, the more natural and understated my jewelry is, the better. So I found this gorgeous turquoise & wire wrapped ring while browsing online recently and I knew I had to have (or make) it. Jewelry making isn’t usually my specialty, but I was feeling up for a challenge so I went for the make it option. Why you ask? Mainly because I have a bajillion beads and wire left over from my last upcycled jewelry project, and because I have no patience and wanted the ring that night (shocker)…so here’s the inspiration followed by my creation, which I’ve named The Beach Bubble Ring =)

I am in love with the way my wire wrapped turquoise ring turned out. I think I like it even better than the inspiration just because it has a more natural, organic vibe. Follow the steps below to make your very own Beach Bubble Ring!

step 1 p

Select your materials. I used a piece of 20 gauge wire (approx. 6″ long) and another small piece of wire left over from an old pair of hoop earrings (approx. 4″ long). For the stone, I selected a tumbled glass turquoise stone from an old necklace (approx. the size of a dime).

step 2 pwrapped wire turqouise ring2Thread the wire through the bead and wrap it around the bead multiple times.  You may need jewelry pliers for this.  I wrapped the wire three times around the stone, but you may do more-this is a matter of preference.  See my Wire Wrapped Birds Nest Necklace tutorial for even more details on wrapping wire.

step 3 p

wire wrapped ring upcycled turqouise3

Using the jewelry pliers again, wrap the second (smaller) piece of wire around one side of the wire wrapped stone to secure it.  Pull the wire across the back of the ring and wrap it around the opposite side of the wire wrapped stone, make sure to leave enough extra space for your finger to fit.

Cut of the excess wire once both sides of the ring are securely wrapped and you’ve left the right amount of space for your finger.

Enjoy your new Beach Bubble Ring!

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