String Wrapped Earrings {DIY}

string earrings

Up-cycling old jewelry is so much fun!  I’m constantly finding fun pieces that inspire me, but rather than splurge on a trend that I’ll be sick of in a month, I’d much rather look through my old jewelry for something I can transform & up-cycle.  You might remember some of my up-cycled creations from the past like the beach bubble ring and necklace; same idea this time, just a different piece of old jewelry!  You all remember those outdated hoop earrings we wore a few years back?  Yea. Those.  I had about 15 pairs in various colors and sizes so it was about time I find a use for them!  This was one of the easiest jewelry projects I’ve done in a long time…here they are, the String Wrapped Earrings

String Wrapped Earrings {DIY}


one old pair of hoop earrings

two spools of thread (pick two of your favorite contrasting colors)

clear drying glue (any light paste glue will work)


Remember these?  Grab an old pair, any size will work:

Select two colors of thread (one main color, and one accent color) and any type of paste-like glue, I used Mod Podge, but anything light will work. 

Apply a very light layer of glue to the earring, just to keep the string in place.

Wrap your main thread color around the entire earring, make sure to fill in all open spaces!  Once you’ve covered the earring with the thread, apply another very light layer of glue.  Wrap your accent thread color around two or three spots on the earring. 

You’re done!

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