Obsessed With Color Rhapsody

azimuth seafoam bracelet
I’ve got warm weather on my mind after my latest post about Paperwhite Narcissus, so now that I’ve officially spent the entire night combing the web for new spring accessories-I’ve found a new obsession.  I’m feeling bright, exotic colors this year and the new Color Rhapsody line from Pree Brulée makes my heart sing.  All of their accessories are carefully curated, edgy and one-of-a kind.  Oh yeah, and they’re totally affordable, somebody stop me.
Here are some of my favorite pieces…
mint green handbag

Pree Brulée -Mint Handbag

rio de janeiro earigs

Pree Brulée – Rio de Janeiro Earrings

romanov bangles

Pree Brulée -Romanov Bangles

aureliel crystal earings

Pree Brulée -Aurelie Turquoise Earrings

azimuth seafoam bracelet

Pree Brulée -Azimuth Seafoam Crystal Bracelet

peach keeper earings

Pree Brulée -Peach Keeper Earrings

camel mint handbag

Pree Brulée -Camel Mint Handbag

sentimetal necklace

Pree Brulée -Sentimental Necklace in Rose

blue frosted earigns

Blue Frosted Earrings

gaugui earlings

Pree Brulée -Gauguin Earrings

Okay, I’m done drooling now, but Pree Brulée definitely gets my top pick for jewelry this season.  In fact, with Valentines Day approaching, I say I owe myself a little gift, and I encourage all women to so the same…because YOU ARE FABULOUS.

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