8 Ways Custom Button Pins Make Unique Gifts For Any Occasion


Meaningful gifts are scientifically proven to bring joy. That’s why customized button pins make the perfect gift for any family event or occasion.

Want some custom button pin ideas to try? You can get creative with not only the design but with how you deliver them too. Read on to find out all the ways custom button pins make the perfect gift.

Eight Ways Custom Button Pins Make Unique Gifts

You may be wondering, “Do custom button pins make good gifts?” If so, we’re here to bring you a list of ways that customized button pins make unique and memorable gifts.

1. A Throwback to That Amazing Concert

We all have that favorite concert from years ago that’s fun to bring up now and again. Why not find a way to remember your first concert or favorite band with a custom button pin?

You can try designing a pin with a photo of your favorite singer or a band logo. Pin it to your backpack or denim jacket as a way to keep the memory alive.

2. To Cheer on a Graduate

Custom button pins make a fun addition to a high school or college graduation. Design some buttons with the graduate’s face on it to make them laugh. You can also try designing some with their school colors or team mascot. Wear your graduation pins to the ceremony or hand them out at the party to make guests smile.

3. For Instagram Memories

Commemorate special moments from the year by customizing button pins with photos from your Instagram feed. Choose your top ten to wear throughout the week, or customize them with sweet photos to give to your Valentine.

4. To Promote an Event

If you’re planning a marketing event, custom button pins make great promotional gifts for staff and attendees. You can add your company logo to boost brand awareness.

Try putting together gift bags at your next trade show and pinning a custom button to each bag. You can even customize buttons with your contact information to hand out instead of business cards.

5. To Fund a Cause

Whether you’re raising awareness for a charity or funding an event, customized button pins make a great way of showing support. You can hand out pins with a charity’s logo to raise awareness for the cause. They also make a notable name tag for individuals working a big event.

If you want to raise money, try customizing button pins to sell to friends and neighbors. By adding your own artwork and design, you’ll be able to use your creative gifts for a good cause.

6. A Unique Birthday Party Favor

Instead of filling your child’s birthday party favors with candy and erasers, throw in some button pins as a unique gift. You can design large numbers of pins with solid colors, polka dots, or stripes. If it’s for a themed party, try using a character’s colors or adding a memorable slogan.

Custom button pins will help you throw a party that wows everyone. Kids will enjoy having a new accessory to take home and remember a fun event.

7. Support a Local Artist

If you’re a local artist trying to get your name out there, try creating custom pins with your original artwork. You can hand out your customized button pins at local events or add them as bonus gifts to online orders. When customers see your unique art on a pin, they’ll be more likely to remember it and spread the word.

8. Add to a Greeting Card

The next time you plan on mailing a Christmas or Birthday card, try pinning a customized button to the front. You can design it to be as seasonal and festive as you want. Family and friends will enjoy receiving both your heartfelt message and an extra gift.

Why Choose Custom Button Pins?

When it comes time to buying gifts or designing promotional products, a customizable item is the best way to go. Button pins are simple to design and easy to hand out no matter the occasion. Here are some reasons why choosing custom button pins are worth the investment.

Save Money

Custom button pins make a cost-effective option if you’re looking for large quantities of gifts. Because they’re small and simple in design, your investment will go farther.

If you need gifts for large parties, you won’t want to spend all your money on something guests may not want. Instead, personalized pins make a sweet and memorable gift for friends, family, and neighbors.

They’re also affordable in large quantities without looking cheap or boring. Because you have so many design options available, they’re sure to impress any crowd.

Boost Marketing Efforts

Custom button pins can make a great choice for marketing or advertising products. Potential customers will love getting them, and your business will save money while gaining leads.

You can add your business logo and attach it to a pamphlet that explains your brand’s story. Trade show attendees will enjoy receiving them and they’ll take them home to spread the word. If you choose to use custom pins as an alternative to a business card, you’re sure to be the most memorable company at any event.

Create Memorable Gifts

Custom button pin gifts are perfect for capturing special moments and memories. Because they’re customizable, you can design them with any Instagram or family photo. Hand them out at family reunions, birthday parties, or graduation.

Design the Perfect Pin for Any Occasion

No matter the occasion, you can customize a button pin to meet your exact needs. You have the freedom to design them with photos, designs, artwork, or logos. Not only are custom button pins fun to hand out, but they can save you money and even promote your cause.

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