How to Throw a Party (That Doesn’t Suck!)

how to throw a party that doesnt suck
The minute your party guests enter, you want them to have an awesome time. But what if you’re bad at throwing parties? Here’s how to throw a party.

how to throw a party that doesnt suck

Fifty-seven percent of people think that throwing a party is a more stressful thing than going to work. People worry about whether their food will be a hit, whether anyone will come, and if people will have fun.

But throwing a party doesn’t have to be a negative, stressful thing. If you learn how to throw a party the right way, there is nothing to worry about at all. Read on for five great suggestions to blow the ceiling off your next shindig.

1. Have Healthy, Tasty Food

Many people are trying to eat healthy to lose weight and the last thing they want to do when they go to a party is pig out on things like pizza and cake.

If you want your food to be a hit with everyone, think about making some healthy, yet tasty, dishes for your friends. Consider cutting up some vegetable and making a nice dip, slicing up a fruit salad, or making antipasta dishes.

Your guests will appreciate the flavors you bring to the table, while not feeling guilty for contributing to the expansion of their waistline.

2. Make Jello Shots

While jello shots are a college party tradition, once you leave campus after those four years, they seem to disappear off the scene.

Bring back this classic tradition and make jello shots for your next party. Your friends will enjoy taking them together and love the trip down memory lane they provide.

3. Set Up a Photo Booth

If you really want your party to be memorable, consider setting up a photo booth for your friends. Get fun things like boas, fake mustaches, Hawaiian shirts, leis to dress up with. Then, just place a camera on a timer in your make-shift booth.

Your friends will love dressing up and having a memento from the party. Consider using a Polaroid camera so you can give photos to the guests to bring home with them. Or, surprise everyone by uploading all the photos onto social media the next day.

4. Play Group Games

One of the best ways to bring people together at a party is by playing a group game. It’s a great way for people to mingle and get to know each other without any pressure.

Consider buying a game like Jenga that everyone can in the group can play. Your guests will have a blast.

5. Make a Playlist in Advance

While putting the music on a shuffled party playlist you found is a good option, making your own playlist in advance is a great way to take your party to the next level.

Personalize your playlist with the hits you and your friends used to bump to. They will love reminiscing on old times.

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How to Throw a Party

Now that you know how to throw a party that rocks, you’re ready to send out your invitations.

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