5 Fun and Easy DIY Photo Projects to Try This Fall

5 fun easy diy projects to try this fall
The weather will start cooling off soon, which means time to switch to indoor activities. You’ll love spending time on these fun and easy DIY photo projects.

5 fun easy diy projects to try this fall

Did you know there are a million other things you can do with your family photos other than framing them and put them on your wall? With the Fall holidays coming up wouldn’t you much rather use them as wall plaques and centerpieces to impress your guests?

Here are 5 Fall DIY Photo Projects that you are to love for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

1. Photo Candle

First on the list is a lovely DIY photo candle. All you need is your favorite colored photo, packing tape, a candle, and 15 minutes of your time. It’s important that the photo is 2X3 and light colored photos work better than dark.

Place the tape over the photo and smooth it with a credit card. Place the tapped photo in water and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Take the photo out and peel the paper off the back.

Lay it face down on a towel and wait for the tape to get sticky again, then you can place the photo onto the candle.

2. Photo Lamp

This photo lamp DIY is possibly even more simple than the candle. All you need a plain lampshade, tracing paper, a computer, and a printer.

Make a collage in a computer program. We recommend changing the photos to black and white for a more elegant look. Print the collage on the printing paper and then tape it to the lampshade.

3. Photo Clock

A photo clock is an awesome, creative way to display your favorite photo. You’ll want to either go into a software program and make sure your photo is scaled to match the clock face or you can check out Shutterfly deals and get your print from there.

Once you print out your photo, you want to cut it to fit the size of your clock face and then mark the center. Remove the protective glass, and clock hands, then adhesive your photo into the frame. Put it back together and then boom, you have a personalized clock!

4. Wood Photo Slab

To start off this easy project make a lovely collage in photoshop or other photo manipulation software. Pick up some tattoo paper which you can get at most online stores that sell photo supplies.

Remove the green back from the adhesive sheet and lay it sticky side down on your photo.

Once you remove the plastic backing from the adhesive it will be stuck to your photo.

Lay the photo face down onto the wooden block and smooth it down. Get a damp cloth and rub the photo until it bleeds onto the wood. It’s just like putting on a fake tattoo.

5. Head in a Jar

This head in a jar is perfect for Halloween. You’ll need two pictures of a head a front and a profile. You will merge the front face with a copy of the profile on each side and soft erase it.

Once it prints you will have to laminate it because it will be submerged.

Fill a large jar halfway with water and then add food coloring of your choice. Once your jar is prepared, fold the photo and place it in the jar.

Fun Fall DIY Photo Projects

See, there are a million things you can do with family photos other than hang them up. These fun Fall DIY photo projects are sure to be a perfect addition to your holiday get-togethers or, give your guests a fright during Halloween.

For more fun projects that you can do from home, visit the DIY section of our blog.

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