13 Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

13 best birthday gifts boys
Do you have a special birthday boy in your life? Give him the best birthday gift that he deserves! Here are the 13 best birthday gifts for boys.

13 best birthday gifts boys

Finding the right gift for someone can be challenging. More so if you are from a different generation. If you are a grandparent or older relative, finding something suitable for a boy might take some thinking.

The best birthday gifts for boys will depend on the boy himself. Before you spend a lot of money on something he doesn’t want, try asking. Ask him or his parents for some ideas. Often they will drop hints themselves, anyway.

If you know him well enough to know what he likes, add items to his collections, find the missing item he wants or help him start him on a new one. Here we will give you some interesting idea for buying gifts for boys.

Best Birthday Gifts for Boys

Keeping the gift age-appropriate needs to be considered and the price. If everyone is buying something similar, try to expand your imagination, and his. Let’s start with gifts for younger boys.

It’s a good idea to avoid devices with screens for children under 3 and small pieces of toy parts or puzzles should be avoided. If you are unsure about the age level, always shoot for over, as they can learn from it later on.

1. Tub Toys

Young boys often hate taking baths, so try to make it more fun. Adding bubbles can make it more inviting and fun. There are actually toys that will blow bubbles, that can be used in or out of the tub.

Boats, ducks, pails, any kind of toy that keeps them occupied and engaged. Toys and decals that stick to the tub or tiles are popular and fun. It makes it easier for you get wash them as they play.

Toys that spray, make noise or have moving parts to make the water move are perfect for bath time. Cups or pails that stack up or washable crayons are also a big hit. They can get very creative without a mess.

2. Books

Soft, washable books with bright colors and fun pictures are a great gift. If they can be taken to bed, in the bath and won’t tear, they will get a lot of use out of them. Books are a great gift idea for any age. Even the senior boys in your life.

Regular books for young children should always be considered. It’s a great way for the child and parent to have a quiet bonding time. Stories, where the reader can make funny voices or sound effects, make the book more enjoyable for both.

Reading should always be encouraged. Starting your child reading at an early age will help build a love of words, stories and the wonderful adventures we have when we get lost in a great book.

3. Games

Games are always a good choice, and there are a lot of different types.

Board Games

Board games are a great gift and a great way to engage the whole family. Learning to play games also teaches you how to lose gracefully. It’s great family time and as fun as electronic games are, you haven’t lived until you’ve punched a Scrabble board across the table.

Board games that you need to play against someone else help build social skills, communication, and interactive skills. They often require strategic thinking, thinking ahead, spelling and keeping score.

Electronic Games

It’s nearly impossible to find someone who isn’t playing online, with their devices or larger electronic games that attach to the television. You can always add to their collection, or find a new device they have been wanting.

Finding the games that require movement and action, like dancing, simulated tennis or other active games are better. They engage the user to move and challenge themselves rather than just their thumbs.

4. Magic Kits

Kids love magic. What little boy wouldn’t want to know the secrets to all the magic tricks? These include props and several different types of tricks they can do. There are kits for younger kids and some more complex, for older children.

This can also cover cards, as well. Card tricks with a book on how-to can provide hours of fun and learning, while they practice. You never know, maybe a new poker champ in the making.

Non-Gender Specific

Just because you are buying for boys doesn’t mean all boys like firetrucks and guns. Sometimes boys will ask for gifts more associated with girls, but you should get them anyhow.

5. Dolls

Not all dolls are ‘girly.’ But if your boys want dolls, you should allow him to have them. Toys are for everyone and playing should be encouraged. It builds empathy and nurturing skills.

Many kids see their dad at home and their mom go to work, so it just makes sense they would want to help out, and this extends to Barbie dolls, as well.

Get Out Side

Consider buying gifts that require the boy to get up off the couch. There are plenty of fun things to do outside, so try to encourage that.

6. Trikes and Bikes

Bikes and tricycles are a perfect gift. They needn’t be expensive and are a great way to encourage exercise and activity. They are also great ways to do family activities, where you can plan a day or weekend of it.

If you are buying someone a first bike, you want to include the accessories, helmet, elbow pads or even training wheels. For a growing boy, pick a bike that would be a bit too big, as he will grow into it quickly.

7. Hoverboards

He will be the envy of all his friends with a super cool Hoverboard. The electronic element will appeal almost as much as how cool it is to zoom around on one. There are Hoverboards for sidewalk or pavement and for rougher terrain.

You can learn to ride it in minutes and they often have a beginner mode for those just starting out. For more information, you can learn more here.

8. Sporting Equipment

Soccer balls, basketball and hoop, hockey net and sticks, baseball gear, anything that promote activity and healthy competition.

Learn and Love

9. Music

Music is always a winning choice. Whether it’s the latest band they love, (and you hate) or perhaps you are encouraging them to broaden their listening horizons, you usually can’t go wrong.

Perhaps a new device to play the music on, like an MP3 player or try turning them on to vinyl with a turntable. A new set of headphones or even a gift card for music online.

Concert tickets are also a good gift. great seats to their favorite band or a new band is a great way to spread the love of music and close the generation gap, to share your favorite music with them.

10. Musical Instruments

If the child is showing musical talents, encourage it with a new or used instrument. You never know if it will take off unless you try. A piano or a guitar might be just the thing to find their niche in life.

11. Hobby Supplies

If they love to cook, buy them some cookbooks, maybe their own pots or specialty food items they can cook. This goes for other artist pursuits, as well. Painting, drawing, model paint,

12. Lessons

If they got the instrument from someone else, you could pay for their lessons. A set of ten to start or lessons for a few months might be just enough to encourage them to keep going.

This is also a good gift for other interests the child may have, like cooking or painting. Extra classes they enjoy makes learning fun and it’s a perfect way to develop their artistic side.

The gift of education is a gift that lasts a lifetime, regardless of what it is.

13. Tools

Men and their tools. This can begin at an early age, with young boys watching their fathers. Maybe they enjoy fixing things around the house, building things from scratch or tinkering with the lawnmower.

They may have a love of gardening, and maybe their own tools for keeping flowers or vegetables pruned and in order. There is a great deal of peace and satisfaction in growing plants.

Starting an indoor garden can also be a great idea if they have a long winter and a sunny window. A few tools and a book on how to grow your own herbs might be just the ticket.

Wrap it Up

The first step to discovering the best birthday gift for boys is to understand the boy. If they are young, always ask their parents about particular gifts. Don’t just show up with a pony.

If you are really stuck, ask them. They would rather spoil the surprise than get another itchy sweater from Grandma. Gift cards are an easy out for you. Find something they want but would never buy for themselves.

We only get one birthday. With a little thought and effort, you should be able to come up with a fantastic gift for a fantastic boy. For more information or help with party decor or the cake, read more here.

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