The 12 Best Hanging Plants for Your Sun Room

hanging plants
hanging plants
Various succulents in hanging pots by the window – String of pearls, echeveria, crassula
Your sun room is the perfect location for several varieties of plants. Click here to learn which hanging plants will thrive in your sun room.

There really is no place like home, and making your house into a sanctuary for your happiness will make you never want to leave.

Your sun room is at the heart of your sanctuary, and you want to make it as beautiful and welcoming as you can.

Sun rooms are meant to have an outdoorsy feel with plenty of natural light beaming in, and what better way to utilize the sunlight than by putting hanging plants around your sun room?

You’ll need plants that can thrive indoors and will compliment your sun room design, so we’ve compiled a list of the best hanging plants for a more magical personal oasis.

The Best Hanging Plants For Your Sun Room

When choosing the perfect combination of plants for your sun room, you want to be sure they will be able to survive in the environment while also adding beauty to your little nature sanctuary.

In addition to your regular potted flowers and herbs, putting some hanging plants in your sun room will really give it more of a “nature” feel.

Here is a list of our top ten favorite hanging plants for sun rooms.

1. Hibiscus Flowers

If you want to add a variety of color to your sun room, look into some colorful hibiscus plants. These flowers thrive in contained areas, so they will be a great addition to your sun room.

Warm and humid conditions are best for hibiscus flowers, and you’ll want to make sure they get at least six hours of sunlight every day.

2. String of Pearls

If you’re going for a more bold design, consider this trendy plant to hang in one of the corners of your sun room.

These are succulent plants, so they’ll need a ton of sunlight and won’t need to be watered often, making them a perfect, low-maintenance plant for beginners.

3. Satin Pathos

Pathos plants are great for people who have little to no gardening experience, because they are very difficult to kill. Satin Pathos require moist soil, but will survive for a good period of time without water.

The leaves of the plants spill over the side, making them perfect for hanging containers.

4. Orchids

These beautiful flowers can be more difficult to care for than other plants. But as long as they are in a humid area with plenty of exposure to sunlight and are watered regularly, they should thrive in sun rooms.

They will really add personality to your oasis, especially if the majority of your other plants are green. Orchids can add a nice contrast to the rest of your hanging plants.

5. Passion Flower

This gorgeous plant will do great in sun rooms in warmer climates. They generally won’t last through cold winters, as they need plenty of sunlight and humidity, but they’ll look incredible in the summertime.

They have a beautiful smell and a unique appearance, so they’ll really liven up your sun room. Make sure you plant them in larger hanging pots so they have plenty of room to grow.

6. Black Pepper Vine

These plants not only produce the common spice used in foods, but also make beautiful hanging plants due to their tumbling vines of pepper.

Pepper vines can take a few years until they start to bloom but when they do, you’ll get a beautiful vine with peppercorn you can also use in the kitchen.

They need plenty of sunlight and room to grow, as they can get to about three feet in length.

7. Boston Ferns

These large, gorgeous plants will really give your sun room more of a jungle/tropical feel to it. It will add some beautiful greenery, making it feel like you’re not sitting in a room, but outdoors in the middle of nature.

Be sure these plants get plenty of sunlight and that their soil is always moist, as they thrive best in humid weather.

8. Peace Lily

Like orchids, these flowers will add a great contrast to your sun room with their white coloring. They are much easier to care for compared to orchids, and will even show you when they need water by sagging the flowers a little bit.

Peace Lillies actually purify the air by getting rid of toxic gasses, making it a great addition to your sun room not only for their beauty, but for their ability to aid air purification.

9. Chenille Plant

To add some more vibrant color to your sun room, consider planting a beautiful chenille plant. The gorgeous, fuzzy red flowers will tumble down the side of your hanging pot.

To care for a chenille plant, be sure it gets plenty of water, nutrients, and sunlight.

10. African Violet

These gorgeous violet flowers thrive in pots and indirect sunlight, making them perfect for a more shaded part of your sun room.

They survive best in room temperature conditions. Make sure they are never too hot or too cold, or they may not survive.

11. Spider Plants

These plants are great for beginners because they thrive indoors and are easy to grow. They prefer indirect light, so putting them in a more shaded part of your sun room would be best.

They’re long, thin leaves will look beautiful in the hanging pots in the sun room.

12. Begonias

These delicate, pink flowers will really add a nice, soft touch to your sun room. They grow best in containers and require little maintenance, making them perfect hanging plants for beginners.

Make sure they have enough water and a good balance of both sunlight and shade for them to survive.

For More Information

Adding hanging plants to your sun room will really make it feel like the perfect and complete sanctuary you always dreamed you would have in your home.

By adding the right plants, you can make your sun room feel as though you are sitting in the middle of nature, making it perfect for a morning coffee or some evening relaxation.

You can always order plants online for delivery to your home if you have any trouble finding them in stores.

If you have any more questions about how to best decorate your sun room with hanging plants, please contact us today.

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