12 Simple & Chic DIY Cake Toppers

diy simple cake toppers

Like just about everything, half the battle is presentation.  That statement’s especially true for cakes.  Most of us aren’t skilled bakers or cake decorators, but it’s nice to know that there are plenty of SUPER SIMPLE & chic cake decorating options out there!  I’ve put together 12 of my favorite simple DIY cake toppers for a little inspiration…

diy simple cake toppers

12 Simple & Chic DIY Cake Toppers

Gold heart stick cake toppers [source]

gold heart cake toppers

Rainbow candy cake topper [source]

rainbow candy cake topper

Water balloon cake topper [source]

mini balloon cake topper

Tightrope walker cake topper [source]

tight rope walker cake topper

Balloon animal cake topper [source]

balloon animal cake topper

Fresh rose cake topper [source]

flower cake topper

Sprinkle number cake topper [source]

sprinkles cake topper

Pom pom cake topper [source]

pom pom cake toppers

“Eat more cake” cake topper [source]

eat more cake topper

Candy necklace cake topper [source]

smarties cake topper

Fabric garland cake topper [source]


Beach day cake topper [source]

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