7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Trading Pins Collection

trading pins collecting hobby
Collecting trading pins is fun for the whole family. Read on to learn why you should start your own collection, today.

trading pins collecting hobby

Trading pins have blown up lately when it comes to the coolest hobbies a person could have.

Thanks to all the recent press, we know that you’ve likely considered starting your own collection of pins.

Of course, collecting of any kind is always tons of fun. But there are plenty of other reasons why gathering these pins is such an awesome idea.

Not only are they affordable, but they’re also family-friendly and a great way to start conversations with people. They even make great party favors!

What other reasons are they to start collecting today?

Read on to find out!

1. It’s Fun For All Ages

Do you feel like you’re struggling with finding an age-appropriate hobby for your young child?

Would you like to get your teenager away from social media and involved in family activities again? Are you looking for more ways to involve the grandparents with the rest of your family?

One of the best thing about collecting trading pins is that there is no age limit to the fun. No one is too young or too old to get started on building their collection.

Plus, it’s an awesome experience to connect with your friends and family members. You can gather to compare collections, trade pins, and even get in touch when you’ve found the pin you’ve been searching for for years!

2. You Can Collect According To Your Interests

Are you obsessed with Disney? Can’t get enough of all things sports? Into bands, political parties, or even authors?

The good news?

If you can think it, we can pretty much guarantee that there are large collections of trading pins out there dedicated to it.

This means that you can collect pins relating to your favorite things. It’s an awesome way to explore the subjects that you’re already passionate about.

Plus, the pins are also an excellent conversation starter when it comes to finding other people who share your interests. Check out Cooperstown Trading Pins to get access to the latest and hottest styles!

3. It’s An Inexpensive Hobby

You’re not imagining it — toys are getting more expensive, especially around the holidays.

But whether you’re shopping for your children or yourself, you know that some of the costs of your favorite hobbies are too high to allow you to be able to continue.

Luckily, trading pins aren’t just a ton of fun. They’re also incredibly affordable — especially when compared to a lot of the “must have” toys and products out there.

The price tag means that you can build up an incredible collection fairly quickly, without worrying about breaking the bank. So go ahead, invest in your very first pin!

4. Trading Pins Increase In Value

You may not be a financial wizard, and your stock portfolio may not currently be doing you any favors.

However, when it comes to your trading pins, the good news is that you’re buying something that’s only going to get more valuable with time.

In addition to the already affordable price tag, trading pins are an excellent collector’s item.

Sure, you can certainly trade your pins with others to get the pieces that are missing from your own collection.

But don’t be surprised once you realize the incredibly high prices that some of these pins are able to command.

5. You Can Go To Events

Do you feel like there’s nothing to do in your hometown?

Would you like to find a way to connect with other people who share your love of collecting trading pins?

If so, then we have good news for you.

The pinhead community is an incredibly active one, both online and in real life.

There are always tons of events (some themed, some open to a more general audience) going on around the country. At these events, you can trade to find the pin of your dreams. You can also meet with pin vendors, learn more about other people’s collections, and of course, forge new friendships.

Plus, it goes without saying that these events will also allow you to show off your own awesome collection! So gather up your pinhead friends and start planning the perfect road trip to the next event. Traveling is an awesome way to practice self-care, after all!

6. They Look Awesome In Your Home

Are you looking for a way to liven up a drab wall?

Do you want to share your collection of pins with everyone who enters your home?

If so, then why not make your pins a part of your decor? They’re an awesome addition to any room in your home, and they’ll allow people to get to know you even better than they already do.

There are tons of epic display boards and cases out there, so don’t be afraid to get super creative. You can even make your own display board or case, or decorate one to give to your pinhead friends as a gift!

Ready To Start Your Collection Of Trading Pins?

Thanks to this post, we know that you’re probably chomping at the bit to be able to start your own collection of awesome pins!

Remember, not only are pins an incredibly affordable hobby, they can also help you to connect with a community of other pinheads. Plus, you can collect according to your interests, and even use them to decorate your home and outfits.

Looking for more hobby ideas? Want to upgrade your DIY skills? Want to get into the crafting lifestyle?

We can help.

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