5 Ways Moms Can Practice Self-Care

self-care for moms
When you’re busy taking care of your family it’s hard to find time for yourself. But self-care is so important. Don’t miss this guide on self-care for moms.

self-care for moms

Are you a mom who is at her wit’s end?

We get it! Moms tend to put the needs of others before their own and neglect taking time out for self-care.

Think of it this way: You can’t take care of your family if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

Self-care for moms will help you be happier, refreshed, and kinder. Moms set a great example for children on how to be kind to others and ourselves.

You can’t pour from an empty cup!

In this article, we’ll share 5 self-care tips on keeping yourself nourished. Keep this list handy so that you can be the mom your family needs.

1. Rest Up

Are you losing out on sleep because of your “get-stuff-done” attitude? Self-care for moms starts with valuing your own rest!

Skimping out on sleep not only leaves you feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day but it is also unhealthy.

Research shows that a chronic lack of sleep can negatively influence your health. Inadequate sleep can result in increased appetite, depression, and Type 2 diabetes.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, find out what’s keeping you up at night. Things like heavy meals, alcohol, stress, and caffeine can disrupt the sleep pattern.

Focus on getting rest and you will notice how much better you feel throughout the day. Even simply adding one hour of rest to your routine can improve your health and happiness.

If you find yourself suffering from symptoms of depression, learn more about therapy.

2. Just Say No

If you frequently find yourself in a rush and feeling overwhelmed, this one is for you.

Calm down, superwoman! We know you can do it all, but that doesn’t always mean that you should. Sometimes there are things that just aren’t critical or urgent.

If you are keeping your house in order and your children fed, you’re doing your job. You might get asked to participate in extracurricular mommy duties. But don’t feel obligated to participate if you’d rather keep your free time.

Your personal needs come first! Give yourself permission to prioritize your own sanity.

Freeing yourself from these obligations will create extra time, and relieve your stress.

3. Pamper Yourself

If you were looking for a sign to indulge in a spa day, this is it. Self-care for moms is all about finding time for life’s little moments. If you’re able to, spend some time at the day spa for a relaxing pedicure, facial or massage.

But, you can also create your own nirvana right at home.

Dive into a warm bath and use some essential oils to enhance the environment. A drop of lavender oil will help you relax, while a little peppermint oil will wake you up. Grapefruit oil is another essential oil that helps rejuvenate and energize.

If all else fails, a bubble bath and a Margajito cocktail will do just fine. Try adding this to your routine at least once a month. You deserve it!

4. Feed Your Body

Good food is the fuel for your body! Are you running on empty? Forgetting to eat will not only leave you “hangry”, but it can also leave you feeling run-down.

Grabbing a coffee on the run may keep you awake for a few hours, but the crash isn’t too far behind. Make sure you are filling your body with high-quality ingredients and nutrients.

Would you send your children to school on empty stomachs? Then, why do it to yourself? Set a good example for your children by making healthy eating a habit.

Buy natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Drink water instead of soda. Cook from scratch more often. Plan your meals out for the week.

Adopting these simple habits will help you improve the food you consume. Your body will reward you with increased energy.

5. Connect

Why is self-care for moms so important? Because it helps you find time to make the connections that truly matter. Living life with a busy schedule will keep you from your family and friends.

If you have a significant other, add date nights to the schedule to keep things fresh. Find time to read to toddlers or play with kids.

Choose one day of each week where you prepare dinner as a family. Have dinner at the neighbors’ once a month. When you overwork yourself, there’s no time to nurture these important relationships.

While you’re connecting with others, don’t forget to connect with yourself. Amidst the chaos of being a mom, it’s possible to lose yourself. In the blink of an eye, your children will all be adults and you’ll have to rediscover who you are as an individual.

So how will you stay connected with yourself? Curl up with a book, keep a journal, meditate, paint, etc. Whatever activity brings you joy! Stay connected with yourself by pursuing your inner-most passions.

Get at least 30 minutes of alone time each day. This could be during lunch, before bed, or in the morning.

Self-Care for Moms Like You

How are you living your life right now? Are you spending it rushing from one task to the other? Working frantically to complete a never-ending to-do list?

Or are you pacing yourself, treating yourself with care and enjoying your life?

Hopefully, after reading this article, it’s the latter!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll cross off everything from your to-do list. There will always be more things for moms to do. Prioritize the important things, and eliminate things that aren’t worth the time.

If the idea of carving out time for yourself sounds intimidating, start small.

Start by doing one of the things in this article. Remember, taking time for yourself isn’t selfish. It’s for the well-being of your family that you stay in good health.

The next time you have a moment to yourself, don’t fill it with more errands! Take the time for yourself! Learn 14 other important things you can do as a mother.

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