A Simple Christmas Floral Arrangement [DIY]

DIY Christmas Centerpiece1

I was recently given the task of creating 16 Christmas centerpieces for a holiday party, which was great– except for 2 stipulations… I had to complete them in 2 hours AND for under $200.  Talk about a challenge!  I immediately flew out to my local Hobby Lobby and started brainstorming as I power walked up and down the isles; luckily that place is a gold mine for inspiration.  I grabbed berry & evergreen branches first because I knew I wanted to build a centerpiece that felt natural and festive.  I ended up throwing together five simple materials to create a beautiful Christmas centerpiece for under $10 each ($9.15 each to be exact!).

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

all materials from Hobby Lobby, all items were on sale at the time

one 9″ glass vase ($2.99, reg. $5.99)

one berry branch ($1.99, reg. $3.99) and one evergreen branch with pinecones ($3.99, reg. $7.99)

red + white striped burlap ribbon ($1.99 per roll, reg. $3.99)

up-cycled fabric of your choice (I used green chenille I had in my collection)

PS. Sorry for the poor quality of this image, it was taken in about 5 seconds during my arrangement assembly frenzy…

Putting this centerpiece together could not be simpler…

Arrange the two branches in the vase (stuff with a bit of newspaper to keep still if need be).  Then, simply wrap a strip of fabric around the vase and tie off with the burlap ribbon-and your done!

It took me about an hour to put all 16 centerpieces together (after about 55 minutes of shopping), I needed a stiff Apple + Cherry Moscow Mule when I was done with these!  The grand total rang in around $150 for all materials, and I completed them just in the knick of time =)

This Simple Christmas Floral Arrangement is part of our 10 Minute Transformation Series!

DIY Christmas Centerpiece


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