10 Beautiful Homemade Crafts You Need to Try Making

beautiful homemade craft ideas
Are you in the mood for flexing your creative muscles? If you want some ideas, here are 10 beautiful homemade crafts you need to try making.

beautiful homemade craft ideas

In the past year, 63% of all US households took part in at least one homemade craft activity with the total size of the industry now reaching almost $44 billion!

Many homemade crafts are fun and easy to make, even for the inexperienced. Isn’t it about time you released your creative crafting genius?

Read on if you’re ready to try your hand at some homemade crafts.

What Are Homemade Crafts?

Homemade crafts are any creative project that you make yourself at home using found or bought objects. You can find all the supplies you need at your local crafting store.

The dollar store carries lots of items that work well for crafting. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on supplies to have fun.

If you find a pretty pinecone in the yard, bring it in, give it a coat of gold paint and glue glitter onto the ends. That’s a quick and easy homemade craft.

Other crafts take more time, tools, and attention to detail.

Family Time

Crafting is fun to do alone, but it’s also a great way to bond with the family and teach the children new skills.

It’s perfect for teaching the kids how to have fun without their phones, TVs, and computers!

The Perfect Toolbox

Pliers are a must-have for any crafter’s toolbox. They’re great for grabbing small objects as well as bending and cutting jewelry wire.

Scissors are also necessary for most homemade crafts. Another great cutting instrument is the X-acto knife because it cuts with more precision than scissors.

A few cans of your favorite spray paint stored in a safe cabinet are great to have on hand. Spray paint offers a quick and easy transformation to a favorite item.

Have a plain glass jar that you want to use for pencils? A quick coat of gold spray paint and a pretty ribbon turn that jar into something beautiful.

If you’re using spray paint, be sure to keep some painter’s tape on hand. A little tape can block off areas you want free of paint.

Another popular crafting tape is Washi tape. It comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. You’ll find many homemade crafts that start with Washi tape. You can make bracelets, decorate trays, and make your own accessory holders with cans and this versatile tape.

A hot-glue gun is indispensable. Heated glue adheres to many surfaces and materials. It’s hard to be a crafter without this tool.

Baker’s twine is versatile since it’s used in baking, fashion, and home decor. Wrap it around the neck of a painted wine bottle for added decoration.

A homemade loaf of bread wrapped in pretty baker’s twine makes the perfect hostess gift. Floral arrangements and wreaths look great trimmed with baker’s twine.

A hammer and small nails are essential tools for any toolbox. Don’t forget to add a ruler for measuring and to use as a straight edge with your X-acto knife.

These basics will get you started. After you figure out what your favorite crafts are, you’ll know what other supplies you’ll need.

Can I Sell My Homemade Crafts?

Yes, you can sell your homemade crafts. There are online retailers helping home crafters sell their products.

Art fairs and festivals are a great way to showcase your wares. Most towns have spring, summer, and fall festivals. Rent a booth, put out your crafts and sell.

If you’re serious about turning your craft making into a business, set up your own website, and you can sell your products from home.

10 Beautiful Homemade Crafts

Now that you have a toolbox, here are ten beautiful homemade crafts to get you started.

1. Vintage Teacup Candles

This project is perfect if you have some old teacups you never use. If you don’t have the teacups, you can pick them up at a thrift store or find them at a garage sale.

This project is easy for beginners. In no time, you’ll have beautiful scented candles to freshen your home. These candles make great gifts for bridal or wedding showers too.

For this project, you’ll need teacups, wax for melting, wicks, and candle scent. For complete directions, click here.

2. Custom-Painted Dollar Store Candles

Some homemade crafts are so easy, you don’t need directions. Custom-painted candles are fun and easy, and they don’t take a lot of time!

Pick up some clear glass candles at the dollar store. Get out your favorite spray paint colors and get creative.

This is a great project for experimentation. Try putting the painter’s tape on the glass in creative ways to leave some of the glass clear. Use different colors and have fun painting!

3. Painted Ombre Vases

Here’s another craft for those who love to paint.

Painted ombre vases are great for home decoration. They can also be used to decorate tables for an event, such as a wedding or anniversary party. These vases make great hostess gifts or party favors.

You can use leftover glass containers or pick some up at any dollar store. Click here for detailed directions.

4. Gorgeous Tissue Paper Flowers

If you’re looking for something pretty to put in those painted ombre vases, why not add your own tissue paper flowers? They look great, and they never die. Tissue paper comes in a variety of colors making them perfect for flowers.

This is an inexpensive project. You can find all the supplies you need at your local dollar store. To learn how to make beautiful paper flowers, click here.

5. Confetti Dot Vases

People will think you took hours to make these vases, but they’re simple. This is another project that uses clear glass vases that can be purchased at your nearest dollar store.

A little paint, some toothpicks, a paper plate, and you’re ready to paint your vases.

6. Button Crafts

Do you have a jar of old mismatched buttons? Don’t throw them away! Put some colorful paint on a canvas, wait for it to dry and then glue the buttons on in whatever pattern you like.

Use red and pink buttons to make a heart shape. Use multicolored buttons to make a butterfly. Draw a tree trunk with simple branches and glue the buttons all over the branches for pretty flowers.

You can use buttons to make headbands and bracelets for kids. Let your imagination run wild and come up with your own ideas.

7. Colorful Ombre Canvas

Here’s another homemade craft that’s fun and easy. Pick up a plain painter’s canvas from any craft store. Pick out paint in several shades of your favorite color.

Start at one end of the canvas and paint simple blocks or stripes of color from top to bottom. The lines don’t need to be perfect. Imperfect brush strokes add an interesting look to the finished product.

As you move across the canvas, change the shade of paint. The completed piece is a simple ombre canvas of your favorite color in varying shades. This is a great project for a baby’s room.

8. Heart Stamp Tea Towels

If you’re ready for a more complex project, try these heart stamp tea towels. You’ll need a few supplies that you may not have lying around or in your toolbox, but they’re easy to find at your local craft and kitchen supply store.

You’ll need some paint, foam, a wine cork, and a set of plain tea towels.

These towels make great gifts for your favorite cook. They’re also perfect for Valentine’s Day.

9. Unity Sand Vase Sets

Sand ceremony sets turn a ceremony into a beautiful craft keepsake. They come in various colors, types, and sizes. Create memories and beautiful art at the same time.

These vase sets are perfect gifts for your favorite crafter.

10. DIY Headboard

At some point, you’re ready to take on a more complicated homemade craft project that turns your bedroom into something special. Why not try a DIY headboard?

This project requires more tools and supplies but transforms your plain bed into a beautiful work of art. You’ll need some plywood, fabric, a heavy staple gun or nail gun, a hammer, quilt batting, foam adhesive and a lot of nails.

If you’re ready to take your crafting to the next level, check out the tutorial here.

Don’t Forget Food Crafts!

For those who are more comfortable in the kitchen, don’t forget about food crafts. Kids love these fun edible ideas.

Here are a few to spark your imagination:

  • Trolls made from ice cream cones and cotton candy
  • Trucks made out of wafer cookies and pretzels
  • Mini aquariums made with Jello-O and candy fish
  • Sculptures made with wooden skewers and grapes
  • Cracker houses
  • Ladybugs made from strawberries and decorated with chocolate.
  • Caterpillars made from grapes

Teach your kids about healthy foods and treats while you teach them to cook and enjoy time together in the kitchen.

Ready to Make Your Own Homemade Crafts?

Making your own homemade crafts is fun and satisfying. Turn crafting into your hobby or a full-time business.

If you’re ready to do more DIY crafting, check out more beautiful crafts here.

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