Catch Some ZZZZZ’s-DIY Headboard

side headboard

I’ve been drooling over upholstered fabric headboards like this one from Centsational Girl for months now, I think they are so classic and chic.  I even went as far as writing an inspirational post dedicated to unique DIY headboards!  Well, I finally found some free time (literally only needed about 4 hours) and made my own nail head upholstered headboard.  These headboards are relatively simple to make, see my tutorial below…but first, here’s a peak at the finished product:

For this project you will need a 1″ thick piece of plywood, a hand saw, nail gun (or heavy duty staple gun), nail head trim, I used this one from Beacon Fabric, approx. 3 yards of quilt batting, a sheet of foam with foam adhesive, approx. 2 yards (for a queen headboard) of fabric of your choice, I used Robert Allen fabric in Duck White for a more natural look.

First, decide on the shape of your headboard, I found this guide to by helpful:

Next, make a template for your headboard size and shape, do this by folding a large sheet of paper or cardboard in half and cutting it to actual size.  When you open the folded template both sides will be identical.  Use this handy guide below to select your headboard size:

headboard template

Next, trace your pattern onto the plywood and cut it out using a hand saw.  Always be sure to wear safety goggles and watch your fingers!  Once the board is cut, lay it down and adhere the sheet of foam cut to size, then the quilt batting:

Next, cut your fabric to size and use the nail gun (or heavy duty staple gun) to secure it to the plywood.  Once this is complete, use a rubber mallet to tack the nail head trim stripping around the perimeter of the headboard.

To mount your headboard, you can purchase interlocking hanging hooks or heavy duty “D ring” hooks from your local home improvement store.  Mount those bad boys to the back of your headboard and catch some ZZZZZZ’z under your new headboard!

Here’s some different views of the headboard.  FYI, I’ve had some questions about the bedding, it’s most comfortable bedding in the world, Dwell Studios Draper Stripe Duvet in Ash…

side headboard 2straight headboard best

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10 responses to “Catch Some ZZZZZ’s-DIY Headboard

  1. Love love the headboard!Hey you painted the bedroom the same color as mine. I have been thinking about doing a headbord for the guest room, will get to it when i catch up on all the paintings i have planned 😉

  2. Thank you so much – I have just discovered your blog (the ply-wood floors caught my eye)… I needed a headboard for my daughters bedroom I have been fixing up and this is the perfect solution – can’t wait to try it!

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