The DIY Headboard Extravaganza {Unique Headboard Inspiration}

21 diy head boards

There’s so much fun to be had with headboards. The possibilities for headboards are endless when you consider them in their basic form. Headboards certainly don’t need to be purchased. DIY & re-purposed headboards can be just as beautiful as something you would find at a trendy shop, only more personalized with WAY more character.

Before you think about hitting up the store, or scouring the web for your next headboard, step outside the box and remember that headboards don’t have to be confined to a rectangular piece of wood. Headboards can be made from just about anything, an old fence, driftwood, curtains, a pallet, an old door, the list goes on. Here are 21 very unique headboards, all of which you could attempt to make yourself.

See my post on “How to Make an Upholstered Fabric Headboard” if you’re inspired after reading this =)

 21 Unique D.I.Y Headboards

beachy yellow fabric upholstered headboard

I just love the contrast between the white and vibrant yellow in this beach cottage bedroom.  This yellow upholstered fabric headboard can be made by cutting an elaborate shape out of a piece of plywood then applying your fabric.

bright polka dots room blue fabric headboard Another fabric upholstered headboard, this time in blue.  I can’t get enough of these fun fabric headboard designs!cottage headboard rustic chic

“Rustic chic” is such a fabulous design trend.  This chic headboard appears to be made by joining two re-painted antique twin headboards.

Here’s a simple upholstered fabric headboard with nail head trim.  This headboard is much more modern with it’s cool blue tone and straight lines. chalkboard paint headboard 5

Hooray for chalkboard paint!  I LOVE this stuff.  How much fun would it be to have a different headboard every night?  You can when your headboard’s drawn on the wall!

upcycled beach wood headboard 6

Wow.  A marvelous idea for a coastal bedroom.  Collect driftwood and assemble them in a vertical row for a custom driftwood headboard!

pale blue yellow pastels beadboard bedroom 7

Just lovely.  A pastel floral upholstered headboard for a cottage style bedroom.

This tufted headboard certainly makes a statement.  Bringing your headboard up to the ceiling makes for a stunning design element in your bedroom.

rustic chic barn door headboard

oo la la.  How rustic chic & glamorous!  A dreamy, white bedroom with an up-cycled barn door being used at a headboard.  Perfection.

Here’s another great design on a coral colored tufted headboard with white piping.

This Queen Anne style headboard may not be a “DIY”, but that’s not to say you couldn’t achieve the same look yourself.  Browse through flea markets and antique stores for an old elaborate mirror, remove the glass, and add backing with fabric…

yellow pattern fabric headboard crown molding 12

This is a simple DIY headboard that makes a HUGE impact.  Simply attach fabric to the wall, then use wall molding to create outline of your headboard.

orange and rust headboard 13

I am in love with the color pallet in this “elegant, eclectic” room.  This headboard is similiar to the Queen Anne style headboard above (#11), so the concept for creating it is the same.  Simply use a large frame from an antique mirror.

old map kids headboard 14

This headboard concept is so much fun for a kids room!  Apply vintage maps to a recycled headboard for a creative, fun headboard that kids will love!

fire place mantle headboard 15

Old, antique fireplace mantels can be used for just about anything.  A fireplace mantle headboard is a great shabby chic, cottage look.

green country dreamy headboard 16

The dreamy pastel pallet in this country bedroom sings against this green upholstered headboard.

glam headboard with mirror 17

In a bedroom that might be a little on the small side, why not use a mirror as a headboard?  This bedroom applies this concept brilliantly.

recycled fence headboard 18

Here’s a recycled fence being put to good use as a headboard in this cottage bedroom.

sheet metal head board 19

For a look that’s industrial chic, cut a headboard out of a piece of ruffled sheet metal

green curtain head board 20

This modern kids room employs lime green curtains as headboards.  A fabulous cost saver that looks like a major splurge!

shelf headboard

Use a shallow bookshelf as a headboard in a bedroom that may lack storage.  Columns on either side of this headboard tie the look together.

Share your thoughts and any other unique headboard ideas you may have!

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27 responses to “The DIY Headboard Extravaganza {Unique Headboard Inspiration}

  1. A lot of great ideas. Love the idea of using a mirror as a headboard for our guest bedroom. That is a small bedroom and it should work well. We have an antique mirror in there now but it’s on the opposite wall.Also am toying with the idea of changing the whole color scheme to varying shades of pale blue grays; similar to our master bedroom w/ white bedding. For contrast darker gray and blue patterned pillows. What do you think?

    1. I think those colors sound great! I’d even through in some deep yellows or gold tones for splashes of color 🙂

  2. My mind is racing so many ideas for that room.
    I agree some splashes of yellow will definitely spark the room! Also thinking about a silvery wallpaper for the wall behind the bed.
    The antique mirror, has gold leaf and painting it is out of the question the mirror would be ruined.
    Question; as long as the silvered wallpaper is somewhat muted they shouldn’t conflict;what do you think?

  3. I thought it could work but wanted your opinion.
    While looking for wallpaper samples I found a picture of exactly what I was looking for how can I upload it here? Not only does the gold does not conflict it is a dramatic interesting contrast.
    On another point; the papers I like are really off the wall expensive so am now going to paint the wall pale gray and stencil using silver paint. What next?? 🙂

  4. Jordan, love your new website – so full of wonderfully creative ideas on headboards. Especially love the one that uses fabric attached to the wall and surrounded by moldings. So simple but elegant! I will visit your site often for inspiration. Good job!

  5. Be careful using book-shelves as a headboard! Unless they are VERY firmly attached to the wall, and the items on the shelves are VERY firmly attached to the shelves, any movement on the bed (even just turning over with a flop) will send a rain of debris on the sleeper’s head.

    It looks gorgeous, but as far as utility goes, may be better suited for stuffed-animal storage than books and ceramics.

  6. I want to make a material headboard, but not sure what material to use! I was looking for a poly suede, but need it in white, and that seems to be hard to find, any suggestions would be very helpful! I already have a headboard, and could just paint it white, but thought it would be fun to cover it! Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1. Sue, I used a heavy white linen material on my headboard and it looks great. You could also try using a canvas type material.

      Best of luck!

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  10. This is a beautiful collection. Unfortunately in my new home we ended up having to put the bed under the window. What could we do w/ that as far as a headboard? Would you have any suggestions?

    1. i have the same problem….im thinking about buying a beautiful fabric and hanging curtains and valance. right up to the ceiling….extending as wide as the bed,inside im going to make a matching roller blind.If i dont close the curtains ill still have a bed is an iron canopy bed so you can see through it.

  11. Great post! Our headboard was scratched during a move (it’s veneer), and to get it repaired we’ve been quoted over $600…We may as well buy a new bed! I may have to try one of these DIY ideas to cover it up 🙂

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