10 Ways To Transform Shipping Pallets- Free & Fabulous Uses For Recycled Pallets

10 fabulous pallet uses

Shipping Pallets.  They come in all different shapes and sizes, old and distressed, sturdy and new, big and small, some with multiple support strips, some with just a few…regardless of the variety, they should be every do-it-yourselfer’s new best friend.

Writing this post on pallet uses and falling in love with the pallet headboard has created a monster… now I can’t stop thinking about D.I.Y headboards and their endless potential, check out my post on D.I.Y headboards!

I’ve put together 10 of my favorite ideas for pallets below…

Pallet Coffee table.  Keep the pallet as is (or cut it down to your desired size) and simply attach some casters from your local hardware store, you can even have a piece of glass cut to size for the top!

Pallet Picnic Table.  So practical & simple, using a large shipping pallet, attach 4 sturdy 28″ legs and viola, dinner is served!

Pallet Platform Bed.  This bed is so rustic chic!  This project will require 12 pallets, but if you have them available to you, go to town.  Stack two rows of 6 pallets (3 high) side by side in opposing directions-make sure they are newer, sturdy pallets!

Pallet Headboard.  Again, loving this for a look that’s rustic and glam.  For this option, I recommend using a more distressed pallet, simply mount two heavy duty wall brackets (available at your local hardware store) to the back of your pallet, mount to the wall and catch some ZZZZZZ’s

Pallet Kitchen Rack.  For spices, pans, and other kitchen essentials, cut a large pallet in half and mount hooks to the bottom-hooks can be used for pans, utensils, kitchen linens etc.

Pallet Sofa. Another super simple use for reclaimed pallets.  Place two sturdy pallets (add a second level for extra height) side by side and pile high with cushions and pillows.  Now, flop and lounge 🙂

Pallet Wine Rack.  Similar to the pallet kitchen rack, just another great variation.  Again, cut your pallet in half, mount to the wall and crack a bottle!

Pallet Wall Garden.  Wow, such an amazing use of an old pallet, especially in the city or a space where garden space isn’t available.  Staple landscape fabric on the back and sides of your pallet, fill with dirt, then squeeze plants into open slots, make sure they are packed tightly.  Hint: It is best to let the pallet lay flat for the two weeks while the roots grow in and stabilize.

 Pallet Storage Bench.  A perfect little “anywhere bench”, cut a one third section out of a pallet, and mount four 8″-16″ legs of your choice. Use a newer pallet if you prefer a bench that’s stained or painted, otherwise, the natural look always works.

Pallet Storage Shelf / Console.  This image was taken at a rustic wine bar, a look that’s super practical and totally breathtaking.  Using small pallets, or larger pallets cut down to two thirds, simple stack the pallets until you reach the desired height.  Fill with wine, books, magazines, or whatever your heart desires!

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