The “Pallet-rondack” Settee {your pick}


Good morning,  I hope your Thursday’s off to a good start!  It’s a beautiful day here in little RI and I know just what I’ll be doing tonight, watching the lovely sunset from my deck with a Skinny Watermelon Smash in hand…ahhh the simple things 🙂  Or maybe I’ll create a new, fun skinny cocktail to share with you all, that sounds even better; stay tuned 😉

Any who, I’m always talking about “up-cycling”, you know this.  One of my favorite things to up-cycle are shipping pallets.  There are so many amazing ways to use old shipping pallets, which bring us to today’s “Your Pick”.  David, from Florida, has sent in his incredible creation using disassembled old shipping pallets.  He explains that his wife wanted a double adirondack seat,  so he set out to create one for her!  GO, DAVID!!  Here’s David’s “pallet-rondack” settee, made out of our favorite up-cycled friend; shipping pallets!

David shares the story of his pallet Adirondack creation:

“A while back my wife asked if I could make a coffee table for her. I suggested using recycled pallets and she agreed. Fast forward through one coffee table, one deck table, a patio bench, two Adirondack-styled chairs…

I have scoured the Internet looking for free plans (money is T-I-G-H-T!) and combined one that the chair design with one that featured a table connecting two chairs. The table, built with a lower shelf also serves as an umbrella holder. I successfully made one for a friend of mine and I just completed a second one for sale (Yay!).

I believe it took wood from about 4 standard sized pallets to make the settee and a combined time of maybe 17-20 hours to deconstruct the pallets, cut the pieces, sand everything and assemble. My friends finished it with a cedar-colored stain and found a great umbrella at a resale shop.”

 Great job, David!

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