DIY Heart Stamp Tea Towels [tutorial]

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I usually don’t go crazy decorating my home with Valentine’s Day decor, not that I don’t love the holiday, it just seems to come and go so quickly!  Most of the time, I’ll hang up a sweet Valentine’s wreath and call it a day, but this year I went a tiny bit further…I absolutely love the raw, organic look of hand stamped tea towels, but they can get a little pricey to purchase.  Seems crazy once you realize how easy and fun they are to make!

I created these beautiful heart printed tea towels for Valentine’s Day, using a little fabric paint and a super simple heart stamp made from a wine cork!

heart-stamp-tea-towels diy

DIY Heart Stamp Tea Towels [tutorial]


  • flour sack towels (available at most kitchen supply shops)
  • Americana So Soft fabric paint, any two colors (I used Bright Coral & Glorious Gold)
  • one wine cork
  • one small piece of thin foam or sponge

heart-printed -tea-towels


Cut your foam (or sponge) into a simple heart shape…


Use a dab of hot glue to secure your foam heart to the bottom of a wine cork…


There you have it, a reusable heart stamp!

Next, prepare your towel to be stamped.  Place a piece of cardboard between the towel and your work surface (to prevent any bleed through).


Next, dip your heart stamp into your first fabric paint color…

diy heart stamp

Lightly press the heart stamp onto your tea towel, continue to stamp multiple hearts in the first color…

diy wine cork stamp

Next, clean the first color off your stamp, then dip the heart stamp into the second paint color.  Add more hearts to your towel…

diy heart stamp

Allow paint to dry for about an hour…

diy heart stamp tea towels

There you have it, your very own hand stamped heart tea towels!

hand stamped tea towels

So sweet & simple =)

diy stamped tea towels

While your at it, make up some of these sweet Valentine’s Day treats too!

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