10 Physical Activities to Work Into Your Child’s Routine This Year

outdoor activities you can do with your children

4 Physical Activities to help keep your child active

Keeping your family active will ensure they stay happy and healthy. Check out these 10 fun physical activities for kids and parents to do together.

outdoor activities you can do with your children

It’s official — childhood obesity rates are still incredibly high. In fact, statistics show that the average obesity rate for children between the ages of 2-19 in the United States alone is a shocking 18.5%.

Additionally, recent studies show that the average child spends roughly six hours out of every day in front of some kind of screen.

Finally, further findings indicate that this generation’s children will spend only about half the time outdoors that their parents did when they were children.

The takeaway here?

It’s time to start thinking about how physical activities for your kids can engage your child’s body and mind — and your own.

Need help coming up with ideas?

Read on for a list of some of our favorite physical activities for kids and parents to do as a family.

1. Build A Treehouse

When you think back on your childhood, chances are that it included some kind of an outdoor fort or treehouse. We’re willing to bet you enjoyed climbing trees, gathering wood, finding creative ways to get it up to the right branch, and of course, having an awesome place to hang out.

Why shouldn’t your children have the same?

Building a treehouse as a family is one of the most fun — and surprisingly strenuous — physical activities for kids and their parents alike.

Not only will your children engage their critical thinking skills when considering which pieces of wood should go where, they’ll also be able to flex their creative muscles.

Of course, their physical muscles will get quite a workout as well. From carrying wood and tools up and down branches, to stretching their bodies to nail things into place, they’ll quickly get stronger.

They’ll also have a great reason to keep spending time outdoors in the future.

Plus, we know you’ll feel a lot safer about your child making their own treehouse if you’re there to supervise the process.

2. Create A Backyard Water Park

Another awesome idea on our list of the best physical activities for kids?

Why not turn your backyard into a dream waterpark for your children and their friends?

You don’t have to have a pool or spend a ton of money in order to create an awesome playground. Invest in a few affordable water guns and balloons, and start the day off with a water gun or balloon fight.

This will get your children’s blood pumping and will keep them so distracted that they’re not even aware of how much exercise they’re actually getting.

Then, use trash bags and butter or cooking oil to create a DIY slip and slide. Your children will have to get a running start, which is a great way to help them beef up their cardio.

Of course, if this seems like too much of a cleanup for you, you can always purchase a readymade water slide from a party store.

When lunchtime hits, sneak in a healthy meal like hummus and pita chips, apples and oranges, or even mushroom burgers instead of the usual pizza. Don’t forget to give everyone plenty of water!

3. Try Family Workouts

There’s nothing like a little family competition to get your children seriously motivated to exercise (after all, who doesn’t want to beat dad in a push-up contest?)

If you’re looking for physical activities for kids that you can do anywhere, at any time?

There’s nothing better than popping in your favorite workout DVD, or having the fitness guru in your family lead the rest of the pack in a yoga or pilates section.

To keep your family interested — and always guessing — try to vary both the time and type of workouts. You might do karate one day, zumba the next, and exercises that focus on stretching to close out the week.

If your family really loves competing against each other, keep a chart of who can lift the most weight or do the highest number of reps on your fridge.

Make sure that you have the right workout clothing, like these Monsta Clothing bodybuilding shorts, for the exercises you have in mind.

Not only will the right clothes help to keep your family safe (and less sweaty) it will also help them to stay committed to the workout program you’ve created.

4. Go Biking In The Local Park

Another fun-filled option on our list of the top physical activities for kids?

Why not rent a few bikes and explore your neighborhood park?

Not only is this great exercise for the whole family, it’s also an incredibly effective way to get your child interested in nature and the world around them. They can spot wildlife, learn about the environment, and even take a break to feed the ducks in the pond.

If you need an extra way to motivate your kids, there’s always the option of challenging them to a race!

Try These Physical Activities For Kids Today

We hope that this list of some of our favorite physical activities for kids has inspired you and your family to get off the couch and head for the great outdoors.

Remember, no matter your current fitness level, the age of your children, or the kinds of things they’re interested in, there are always ways to make them more active and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Looking for other kinds of activities that you and your children can do together? Are you into the DIY lifestyle, and want to learn how you can make amazing crafts that will be the perfect gift for even the toughest family member to shop for?

If so, be sure to check out our blog for more tips on how you and your family can live your best lives.

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