3 DIY Lanyard Projects to Try at Home

DIY Lanyard Projects

DIY Lanyard Projects

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft that’s also useful? Then check out these 3 DIY lanyard projects to try at home with your kids.

Are you looking to add a bit of funk or style to your workplace? Or, are you looking for a do-it-yourself activity for you and your kids?

A DIY lanyard can be a quick, fun, and surprisingly practical project.

It can be very simple and you can do a lot of neat things. After you do one or two, you might come up with your own unique idea.

But to get you started, here are three DIY lanyard designs you can experiment with.

The Measuring Tape DIY Lanyard

This one is cheap, easy, and you will be amazed how often it comes in handy.

Take a long piece of standard cloth measuring tape. The best part is, the older it is, the better it will look. A bit of age or weathering really gives you a vintage or a retro look.

Simply take any length of measuring tape, then use some sticky velcro pads (you can buy these at any craft store and a lot of dollar stores) to either end and slide your D-ring/ clasp down onto the measuring tape. And you’re done.

A lot of people have been known to wear these around their neck or leave them hanging out of their pocket in a stylish way.

Again, you will be shocked how often you end up using this to measure things around the workplace or the house.

The Zipper Lanyard

This is another one that will give you a unique look, with not a lot of work involved.

First of all, choose a zipper off of an old jacket, or simply buy one that you really like. Next, unzip it most of the way down, but leave a few teeth zipped together.

Now, use a hot glue gun to bind the remaining teeth together. Next, simply add your D ring and clasp onto the zipper. Once again, join the ends with sticky Velcro dots or squares.

A Branded Lanyard

Maybe you need lanyards for your workplace, or a special event/ tradeshow, or even your sports team. In this case, a DIY lanyard is probably going to be too much work.

Because you’re working in bulk here. You’re not a lanyard-making-machine… Are you?

Your best bet is to request quotes from the professionals. This is actually one of the more affordable types of swag you can put your company name or logo on these days.

They come out looking amazing, and you can get them a lot faster than you think.

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