10 Ways to Lose a Pound a Week [well being]

10 ways to lose a pound calories burned

Over on the East Coast, we just may be experiencing the longest part of Winter…the waiting for it to come to an end!  It’s pretty easy to get into a rut in the Winter, in fact I usually pack on an extra few pounds I like to refer to as my “Winter coat” =)… That’s all well & good when we’re bundled up, but it’s certainly not okay when bikini season rolls around! So this year, I put together a simple list of things I can do each day to help shed my Winter coat before Summer comes.  In order to lose a pound, we need to burn off 3,500 calories, which is certainly doable in a weeks time.

To lose a pound a week, simply perform one of these activities per day.  All of these activities will burn off at least 500 calories per session, so you’ll be back in bikini shape in no time!

Don’t forget to eat well while your working on your beach bod!  Head over here for our favorite skinny recipes!

10 ways to lose a pound-calories burned

10 Ways to Lose a Pound a Week [well being]

90 Minutes of tennis burns 500 calories…

Playing tennis is a wonderful activity for burning calories, hit the court for 90 minutes and burn off a cool 500 calories!

loose a pound-calories-burned-playing tennis

90 Minutes of hula hooping burns 500 calories…

Who knew this childhood past time was such a workout?  We’re loving the fact that just 90 minutes of hula hooping will burn off a whopping 500 calories or more!

loose a pound-calories burned-hula-hoop

90 Minutes of zumba [or fast dancing] burns 500 calories…

That’s right!  Put on your dancing shoes & crank up the tunes because dancing is a fabulous way to burn calories!  How many calories does dancing [or zumba] burn you ask?  Just 90 minutes will knock off 500 calories!

loose a pound-calories-zumba

90 Minutes of Vinyasa Yoga burns 500 calories…

Vinyasa voga is a powerful activity with multiple benefits, in fact it’s my personal favorite =) Yoga works to improve your mind, body & soul…and burns lots of calories too!  While your busy enjoying the spiritual benefits of voga, you might not realize that your burning upwards of 500 calories per 90 minute session!

loose a pound-calories-vinyasa yoga

60 Minutes of bicycling burns 500 calories…

Riding a bicycle is another wonderfully therapeutic activity.  Just how many calories does riding a bike burn?  Well, just 60 minutes of bike riding burns over 500 calories, not to shabby for a fun activity!

loose a pound-bicycle

120 Minutes of hula hooping burns 500 calories…

The average person walks for around 40 minutes total per day, which burns a few hundred calories in itself.  Well, try increasing your steps, because you can burn over 500 calories for every 2 hours you walk!

loose a pound-walk

45 Minutes of swimming burns 500 calories…

Turns out beaches can be a lot more than bikinis & sun tans! Next time your on the beach (or at a pool), try swimming for a bit…you know the good ole’ breast stroke, back stroke etc.!  After 45 minutes of swimming, you will have burned off over 500 calories!

loose a pound-swim

40 Minutes of jumping rope burns 500 calories…

Jumping rope was another one of my favorite childhood past times!  It’s challenging & nostalgic activity turns out to be quite the aerobic activity too!  Just 40 minutes of jumping rope will burn off 500 calories!

loose a pound-jump rope

90 Minutes of pilates burns 500 calories…

Like voga, pilates is another wonderful form of exercise for your mind, body & soul.  It’s great for your waste line too, because 90 minutes of it will burn off more than 500 calories too!

loose a pound-pilates

45 Minutes of jogging burns 500 calories…

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise.  Most of us turn to jogging when we’re looking to fend off a few extra pounds.  Did you know that just 45 minutes of jogging will burn off about 500 calories!?

loose a pound-jog

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  2. This is a really neat idea! i like how there are a diverse set of exercises you can do. I’ve booked a resort in a few weeks and it’s time to get my beach body back before I go!

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