Why Fun Socks are Trending Right Now

fun creative sock trends
You see fun socks everywhere now. Even Canada’s Prime Minister wears them! Here’s why crazy socks are trending.

fun creative sock trends

You’ve seen your friends, family, and co-workers wearing brightly colored socks with designs on them. Let’s face it, even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has them on.

Did you miss the memo? Why does it seem as if everyone now is wearing fun socks? To get you in the loop, here’s what you need to know.

Fun Socks Bring Together Countries and Encourage Diplomacy

Yep, according to GQ, Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar welcomed everyone’s favorite diplomat and leader, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, with a pair of colorful, fun socks.

That’s right, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar showed support for The Great White North by wearing Canadian-inspired socks. (In case you don’t know, Justin Trudeau is a big fan of colorful socks, wearing them to bring about sock diplomacy.)

What this shows is that fun socks are paving the way for the new, diplomatic welcome gift. But it doesn’t just have to be between political leaders of the world.

You can give fun socks as a gift to a co-worker, neighbor, acquaintance, or even the new boss as a way to break the ice in a friendly and personable way. It goes beyond your standard baked goods or welcome card, showing that you care.

They Are a Conversation Starter

The colorful and decorative socks are also a great way to get a good conversation going. Instead of talking about last night’s football game or the rainy weather, you now have one more conversation starter up your sleeve (no pun intended).

They Show Off Your Personality

Fun socks don’t just come in blues, pinks, or reds. Some have Star Wars or Lord of the Rings decorations on them.

In other words, they’re a great way to show off your personality and break out of the mold of just being “the co-worker” or “the friendly neighbor.”

They Show That You’re an Individual and Refuse to Conform

Fun socks aren’t just a fashion statement. In fact, according to research, many think of high-status and competent people as non-conforming versus fading into the pack.

That being said, colorful socks are a way for people to assert their individuality and rebellious attitudes.

It shows that they’d rather choose the road less taken by than go easy, predictable route.

They’re a Way to Be Bold and Creative within the Confines of Your Dress Code

You may have to dress up every weekday in work attire. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun with your clothing.

For instance, Yo Sox offers pairs in blues, reds, golds, and stripes. These allow you that bit of fashion freedom without breaking the dress code or potentially having an awkward meeting with a client or your boss.

They Bring Out Quiet Confidence

By wearing a pair of decorative socks, you establish yourself as a confident individual who’s willing to take fashion risks.

While your co-workers may not be able to see your sock choice, you know what pair you put on today. And, that’s all that matters–let that quiet confidence shine.

They Allow You to Fashionably Clash with Your Outfit

A GQ article asserts that outrageous socks allow you to clash but not in an outlandish, obnoxious way.

They are that extra fashion accessory that gives you a sense of quirkiness without making you look like you don’t know corduroy from plaid.

This is why they are the perfect fashion accessory for men or women of all different fashion trends. A man who enjoys wearing classic pieces like checkered shirts and blue jeans can easily get away with those polka dot socks.

While a woman who loves wearing edgier clothing like leather jackets and high waisted shorts can also pull off fun-loving, bring purple and yellow socks.

And, fun socks aren’t just confined to a specific age group or income level. Literally, anyone, from your grandmother or grandfather can wear them.

Considering Joining the Trend?

If you’re reading this article, nodding your head and ready to join the trend and show off that new pair of bright blue socks, here’s what we recommend.

Don’t Roll or Fold Your Socks

Huffington Post states that folding or rolling your socks makes your ankles look big and bulky. Remember, socks are supposed to be a subtle fashion accessory. Rolling and folding your socks attracts the wrong kind of fashion attention.

Consider the Event You’re Planning on Wearing Them To

Even though, as we said, socks are subtle. Sometimes, even then, there are certain events–like funerals or a traditional wedding–you may want to think twice about wearing them too.

For one, wearing these types of socks could not just be socially inappropriate but could even show to others that you don’t care (even if that’s not the message you’re going for).

If you are unsure, either ask the host or play it safe and wear traditional socks to the gathering.

Wear Them Because You Want To

Trends come and go, but your fashion sense stays with you. Wear colorful socks because you personally want to.

Remember, colorful sock wearers choose their sock fashion because they are individualistic, creative people unafraid of standing out from the crowd.

It’s Ok to Not Wear Colorful Socks Every Day

Remember, there’s no rule that says you have to wear colorful socks (or traditional socks) to the office or at home every day.

Some people may like to wear the holiday socks at the annual holiday party. Others may only pull out their football team-inspired socks on game day. Again, it depends on your preferences.

Tips for Washing Colorful Socks

Like any other colorful piece of clothing, to avoid bleeding, first wash your colorful socks separately on the delicate setting. Then you may be able to wash your colorful socks with other similar colored clothing.

However, make sure that you read the manufacturing label to determine the washing instructions, and be sure to follow them.

Final Thoughts

Yes, colorful socks are now a part of your fashion selection. Whether you wear them or not, at least you now know of this option.

Are you going to wear colorful socks or not? Leave a comment below! Then, contact us for more information on how to live a more colorful and creative life!

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