4 Unique Party Themes That Adults Will Love

best adult party theme ideas
Tired of having the same, clichéd party and looking for some fresh inspiration? We hear you! Click here and discover the best unique party themes.

best adult party theme ideas

Everyone loves to party!

Hanging out with friends and enjoying good food and drink is one of the ultimate ways to have fun, even as adults.

But a regular old dinner party sometimes doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you want to think outside the box and do something special. Here are four of our favorite unique party themes.

1. Chopped-Style Competition

Fuel your competitive spirit by emulating the popular TV cooking show Chopped.

Choose two or three friends to act as chefs, while the other party guests are the judges.

The party host should prepare baskets with three or four secret ingredients that the chefs must use in their meals. Stock up on some other ingredients as well, and give the chefs full access to your kitchen supplies and appliances.

Set the timer for 30 minutes and let the race begin! For extra fun, feel free to let the spectators chime in with some funny commentary during the action.

When time is up, everyone at the party gets to taste the prepared food. Take a vote and determine a winner! As a bonus, the host should prepare a prize of some sort for the victor.

The best part about this party is that your catering is done for you!

2. Cocktail Contest

img 6145Much in the same spirit as the Chopped party, a cocktail contest can get your competitive juices – and your alcohol – flowing.

With a cocktail contest party, every guest is a bartender. Their mission is to create the best-tasting cocktail. Mix, serve, sip, and judge.

This party is even more fun (and less expensive) when you invite guests to bring their favorite booze from home. It’s a great way to sample new drinks and work up the all-important party buzz.

3. Celebrity Masquerade

Masquerade balls have been part of party culture since the 15th century. But while a classic mask party is a fun and elegant idea, it’s also fun to throw some 21st-century pop culture into the mix.

That’s right: All your masks should be of celebrities.

Guests can order celebrity masks and create a full costume for their character. They can even try their hand at impressions.

You can give out prizes for the best impersonation as well as to the person who remained unidentified the longest.

4. Show Watch Parties

We live in the Golden Era of television. Whether they’re on network TV or exclusive to special services like Netflix and HBO, there has been no shortage of shows that have grown into cultural phenomena.

Along with the rise of these shows is the rise of watch parties.

If you want to spice up your watch party, try holding a costume contest and having themed foods. You can also have other show-related games to play.

For example, for the next Game of Thrones episode (please hurry!), you could put the names of main characters in a hat and have guests select them at random. Anyone who drew the name of a character who dies by the end of the episode has to endure some sort of fun (but harmless) punishment.

More Help with Unique Party Themes

Coming up with unique party themes is just the start of the fun. Get more help preparing for your next party by checking out our blog.

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