Why don’t you… Create a Champagne Mimosa Bar?

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On Monday I shared the DIY Fabric Scrap Banner I crafted for my sister’s wedding shower, and I told you there would be many more details to follow…well I wasn’t kidding!  You may have caught a glimpse of the champagne cocktail/ mimosa bar in one the photos from Monday’s post…so now I’m sharing details on how you can create your own, including free mimosa bar printables!

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Create Your Own DIY Champagne Cocktail/ Mimosa Bar


  • Champagne (I had 8 bottles for 35 people)
  • 3 different types of juice (I used fresh orange juice, V8 Splash Mango Peach, and V8 Splash Berry Blend)
  • assorted diced fruit (I had blueberries, strawberries, mango, kiwi, peach, pear, lemon, lime)
  • bowls for fruit ( I used square glass bowls from the Dollar Tree)
  • carafes for fruit juices
  • large tub with ice for champagne (I used an antique wooden tool box)
  • disposable champagne flutes
  • mimosa bar sign & juice tags (see free printable below)


Use these free champagne cocktail/ mimosa bar printables for your display!

Champagne Cocktail Bar Sign Printable (5″ x 7″):   Click to open Word Doc  Champagne Cocktail Juice Tags:  Click to open Word Doc (insert text boxes over juice names to change them)

I printed my tags on light blue card stock, but you can use any kind of heavy paper.  To attach the tags, I punched holes in the corners and wrapped around the carafes with twine.

A couple hours before beginning the champagne cocktail bar, cut fruit into small diced pieces & refrigerate.  About an hour before beginning, pour ice into a large tub & chill champagne.  Display diced fruit in bowls with spoons & fill carafes with fruit juice.  Add any other refreshments you’d like, I added fresh lemonade & white sangria to my display!

mimosa bar_champagne cocktails

The DIY Mimosa bar is a fabulous concept for a wedding shower, baby shower, or just about ANY celebration because it’s super fun & interactive! Guest will have a blast sharing & creating their own unique concoctions.

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Presentation is key!  Be sure to use glass juice carafes & nice dishes to display the fruit for the right effect. Luckily the supplies are super inexpensive, I found mine at the Dollar Tree & you’d never know it!

mimosa bar_champagne cocktails3

I added a white sangria & fresh lemonade to my display just to give guests a bit more variety!

mimosa bar_champagne cocktails5

Here’s the big picture with the festive fabric scrap banner too!

fabric scrap banner3

4 responses to “Why don’t you… Create a Champagne Mimosa Bar?

  1. I love this idea. The only thing that would concern me is if kids (or rebellious teens) get into it.

  2. Just wondering where you were able to find disposable champagne flutes? I have been searching for a couple months and have not been able to find any!

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