15 Thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day Gifts [inspiration]

15 diy mothers day gifts

Growing up, every time I’d ask my mother what she wanted for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday’s etc., I’d get the same answer…”make me something”.  Maybe she was trying to keep me from spending my allowance, or maybe she just really enjoyed portraits made from stale cereal….either way, as I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a serious appreciation for homemade gifts.  In my opinion, handmade DIY gifts show that we put a little extra thought into creating something special.  So, in honor of my mother (and twenty-something years of homemade gifts), here are 15 of my favorite DIY Mother’s Day Gifts…


There perfect gift for moms that love being pampered…Homemade Lemon Soap

homemade lemon soaps

So, mom’s a movie buff? DIY Mother’s Day Movie night package


Show mom you love her with a DIY floral arrangement like these DIY Ombre Bouquet

mothers day flowers

Treat mom to a homemade gourmet brunch this Mother’s Day…

mothers day brunch

Surprise mom with this DIY Birdsnest necklace for Mother’s Day…



Make this DIY Owl Heat Pack for moms that love to snuggle…


Cheers to mom with these Handpainted Wine Glasses!


For the artsy mom…DIY Fish Stamp Painting



Show mom you love her with these DIY Heart Stamp Tea Towels


heart stamp towels

For the mom with a green thumb…DIY French Country Terracotta Pots


More for the mom with a green thumb…Potted Herbs with DIY Stone Markers


So, your mom’s a beach buff…DIY Coastal Rope Coasters


Light up her life with these DIY Beeswax Taper Candles…


Pamper mom with a DIY Spa Day package…

spa bag-mothers day

What mom wouldn’t love these Silhouette Painted Pots?


Wishing everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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