DIY Chalky Finish Garden Markers

chalky finish garden marker rocks5

Lately, we’ve been busy getting our back yard & garden ready for Summer, which includes lots of new plantings.  Keeping track of what’s planted where can be a pain, so I knew I wanted to create some cute garden markers to keep things in check.  I was lucky to enough to have some assistance with today’s project from my lovely & talented sister, who happens to be an actual artist (unlike myself, as I couldn’t paint a picture to save my life!).  We decided to use chalky painted rocks with fun designs as markers so that we could erase and reuse them for different plants as need be.  Painting small, intricate designs on the rocks turned out to be much easier than I thought because we used a super simple “toothpick painting” technique, which literally made me feel like an artist (at least for a minute).  Here’s how our Chalky Finish Garden Markers turned out…

chalky finish garden marker rocks5

DIY Chalky Finish Garden Markers


  • Americana Décor Chalky Finish Paint (we used, relic, innocence, new life, & heritage)
  • Americana Décor Matte Varnish
  • small, flat rocks
  • paint brush
  • toothpicks


First, we painted the rocks in Relic, which is a dark slate color.

chalky finish garden marker rocks2

Once the rocks were dry, we painted leaves and flowers on them using toothpicks!  Toothpick painting is super simple for small designs because you create shapes using tiny dots & lines, as opposed to trying to paint perfectly with a brush (which I certainly can not do!)…

chalky finish garden marker rocks3

Once the rocks were dry, we brushed on a thin coat of the matte varnish sealer, which creates a protective coating.  When the varnish is dry, they’re ready to write on!

chalky finish garden marker rocks4

I plan on making many more for my vegetable garden =)

chalky finish garden marker rocks6

These adorable markers look great in the garden, and in potted plants too!

chalky finish garden marker rocks7

Looking for some more inspiration?  Check out our post on dreamy backyard design ideas!


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