The Luggage Rack: A Forgotten Staple

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The luggage rack. We find them at every hotel and they usually remind us of being on vacation.  They aren’t typically the most attractive pieces, so we usually overlook them.  This is all about to change!  I picked up a few luggage racks on my last thrifting adventure.  I just think they are super functional and work perfectly in just about any bedroom or guest room.  They especially make guest rooms feel more luxurious and welcoming.

Of course, my luggage rack got a serious facelift.  These little gems are the perfect candidate for adding pops of color and fun to a space, so that’s exactly what I did!

The Revived Luggage Rack

Here’s how the luggage rack looked before it’s revival…not so hot…

To complete this project, you’ll need a basic old luggage rack, one bottle of satin finish paint, fabric and nail heads.

I decided to paint my luggage rack in “School Bus” Multi-Surface Satin by Americana to match the gray and yellow fabric I used for the strapping.

First, I removed the old strapping from the luggage rack, keeping it in tact so that I could use it as a template for the new strapping.

Once the strapping was removed, I painted the luggage rack in “School Bus” yellow.  I gave it two full coats, waiting about 2 hours in between.

While I waited for the rack to dry, I started making the new strapping.  I used the old straps as a template and cut the new strips to size.  After they were cut, I folded the ends under and stitched them up on my sewing machine, just to keep clean edges.

Next, I attached the new straps to the rack using decretive nail head trim.  I put just three nails in the ends of each strap.

That’s it!  Here’s some more pics of my fabulous new luggage rack!

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