The Wicked Skinny Sunset [cocktail]

skinny sunset cocktail

Who doesn’t love being on vacation?  Sun on your face, toes in the sand, waves crashing, cocktail in hand….there’s just nothing better!  Unfortunately, since we can’t always make this happen as often as we’d like, sometimes we have to improvise a bit…the closest I can get to that feeling (without actually being there!) is usually via a fabulous, refreshing tropical drink.  I was feeling the vacation itch this past weekend so I experimented and came up with an amazing tropical cocktail.  So good, that if I closed my eyes I could almost HEAR the waves crashing…oh, wait that was just Brett flushing the toilet.  Anyway, point is, this drink was “wicked” good, as we say in RI.  Oh, and SKINNY too 😉

The Wicked Skinny Sunset Cocktail [recipe]


  • 2 oz cherry vodka
  • 4-6 maraschino cherries (in juice)
  • 4-5 orange slivers
  • 1/2 cup crushed ice
  • 6 oz. soda water


In a shaker, add vodka, cherries, orange slivers, and crushed ice.  Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds!  Pour into glass and top with soda water.  Garnish with a cherry & orange, enjoy your skinny cocktail!



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  1. I love this drink! I tried it the other night for a Girl’s Night and it was such a hit! All your recipes are so good, yet healthy! Thank you for sharing!

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