Looped Metal Bracelet {DIY}

looped metal bracelet

Anthropologie is just plain awesome. I find myself checking in constantly for updates on the latest jewelrey trends. They have such beautifully simple pieces, in fact some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, like the Beach Bubble Necklace, we modeled after things found at Anthropologie.  Well, while purusing the Anothropologie site the other night, I came across another fabulous piece, the Looped Light Bracelet…here it is…

anthropologie bracelet

Of course, after seeing this bracelet my first thoughts were- I CAN MAKE THIS!  So I made a few modifications to better suit my taste and ended up with my Looped Metal Bracelet…

The Looped Metal Bracelet {DIY}

step 1 p

Gather up come copper wire (I used 16 gauge) and some leather cord.

step 2 p

Cut a piece of copper wire approx.4 inches long.  Use a small hammer to flatten the piece of wire and give it that “hammered” metal look.  Be sure to put it on top of a surface you don’t mind denting before you hammer!  The metal will make an indent in whatever it’s on top of!

step 3 p

 After the metal has been hammered, use jewelry pliers to shape it into a loop.  Close off the ends together by squeezing them together tightly.

step 4 p

Attach a piece of the leather cord to the loop.  Measure the cord to a bit over two times your wrist size so that you can wrap it twice around your wrist.  Loop the cord onto that metal piece tightly so it’s secure.

You can stop at this point and simply lie the other end of the cord to the loop to secure it to your wrist.  Or you can hammer another piece of the wire into a stright piece and tie it to the opposit end, make a toggle style clasp-this is the method I chose.

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