Wire Heart Bracelet {DIY}

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I recently purchased a big roll of 16 gauge soft copper wire at the craft store, not necessarily knowing what I would do with it, I just figured I’d put it to good use…well, it’s been a couple weeks and I just finished up creation number two with the wire!  My first creation with the copper wire was the Looped Metal Bracelet, which I totally love! For my next piece, I wanted to continue with a similar basic, “no frills” look, so I decided to turn the copper wire into an adjustable cuff style bracelet!  This was my first time making an entire piece of jewelry out of wire, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  After about a half hour of twisting and shaping, I had my completed Wire Heart Bracelet! I was really shocked at how simple and quick this process turned out to be =)

wire bracelet1

The Wire Heart Bracelet {DIY}

step 1 p

Start with a roll of 16 gauge flexible copper wire, you can purchase this at any craft store.  For this project, you will also need a hammer and jewelry pliers (and wire cutters if they’re not already integrated into your jewelry pliers).

step 2 p

The next step is super simple.  Using wire cutters, cut the copper wire to your desired length (measure your wrist first).  Then use your jewelry pliers to twist and shape the wire into a bracelet shape.  You will need to bend one end of the bracelet into a tiny circle (as shown in the image below), and the other end into a heart shape.

To create the heart shape, pull down on one portion of the wire, approx 2″ from the end (this will be the dip in your heart), then fold down the remaning piece to become the side of the heart.  Once your heart reach your desired heart shape, your done!

Try making this bracelet in other styles too!  Instead of a heart, try shaping the bracelet into a twist, an short word, or really jut about anything!


4 responses to “Wire Heart Bracelet {DIY}

  1. If you this as inspiration/Idea from another blogger/website you should source it. I usually like what you post, but the lack of credit to someone else’s work is disrespectful and a turn off.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way…I always make a point of crediting sources, there are tons of wonderful websites with great information (hence the reason for my “inspiration” area on Picklee). This, however, was not one of those instances. Wire cuff bracelets are a common thing, the inspiration to create this did not come from any particular website.

  2. I love how people take the time to make a mean comment. Your bracelet is beautiful and for heaven’s sake, it’s free and not for profit so what’s the big hoopla???? lol you keep makin your cool creations and ignore someone who obviously is having a bad day 🙂

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