Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet {diy}

ribbon wrapped chain bracelet

I love the understated glam vibe of the woven chain link bracelets that are so big right now.  I’ve purchased a few of these bracelets in simple black and gold in the past, and every time I looked at them I couldn’t help but think, “I bet I make something JUST like this”.  Not the first time I’ve had that thought ;)… So while at the craft store one day, I decided to pick up a strand of gold chain link.  I knew I already had the perfect coral colored ribbon to use with it at home.  If you haven’t noticed, coral is one of my absolute favorite colors right now (that, along with mint!).  I got home and went to work on my ribbon wrapped chain bracelet, check out the end result…

Here’s how to make it…

Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet {diy}



gold finish chain link strand with clasp (mine was approx. 18″ long so that it could be wrapped twice)

thin fabric ribbon (color of your choice)


step 1 p

Secure the ribbon tightly to one end of the bracelet.  You can put a tab of glue on the knot to keep it in place too.  Trim the extra fabric off the end of the knot.

step 2 p

Roll out the ribbon and cut it according to the length of your chain.  Make sure to add extra length since you will be weaving it through the chain (I added an extra 10″ to my ribbon length to be safe). Use a piece of tape to roll the end of the ribbon into a point.  This will make it easier to weave in and out of the chain link.

step 3 p

Start weaving the ribbon in and out of the chain link.  Be sure to keep the ribbon to only one side of the chain.

step 4 p

When you arrive at the end of the chain, tie off the ribbon the same way you did from the start.  Again,you can use a dab of glue to make sure it’s nice and secure.  Trim the excess ribbon.

Enjoy your thrifty & fabulous new ribbon wrapped chain bracelet!

**Update!  I couldn’t get enough of this bracelet, so I made a bunch more in various colors!  Here’s one wrapped with a minty green/blue ribbon, the possibilities are endless!

Simple step by step instructional!

diy ribbon chain bracelet


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