crown molding shoe rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

I’m sure I’m not alone on my CONSTANT search for more closet space…every single available square inch counts in a woman’s closet–right??  So of course, whenever I find space saving solutions (for shoes or clothing) you better believe I’m all over it. Over the recent months, I’ve seen many variations on these crown molding shoe racks, and they always look very fabulous and simple!  So this simple shoe organizing solution has been on my never ending list of “things to make” for quite some time.  This past weekend, I finally got around to making my own crown molding shoe rack and I absolutely love the way it looks (and it was ridiculously easy to make too).  First, here’s a couple of the crown molding shoe racks that inspired me…

 (via apartment therapy)

(via indulgy)

Now, here’s my take on the Crown Molding Shoe Rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

Select the crown molding of your choice at your local hardware store.  Decide on the length of your shoe racks and use a chop saw to cut (or have the nice staff at the hardware store cut  the molding into lengths for you;))

Paint the moldings to the color of your choice.  I chose a pale yellow. Simply mount the strips of molding to the wall using anchors and long screws.  That’s it, simple as can be!  Just think about all the space cleared up for new shoes now ;)



beach party-simple-lights

Fresh Picked Friday {Vol. 5}

It’s another BEAUTIFUL Friday! Sit back, relax with a Skinny Spiked Sangria, and enjoy a little fresh picked inspiration…

a party worth attending (glamor on the beach)

a girl can dream (Hermes Kelly Bag)

refreshing Cocktail (Strawberry Mint Spritzer)

i love to up-cycle (stacked vintage crates)

Relaxing Tune (Call Me Papa-Donavan Frankenreiter)

my heart is at the beach (beach house sun room)

summer Look (cut-offs & peach blouse)

sweep me away (Ko-Tao-Thailand)

Have a great weekend!


vintage cage light diy

Vintage Cage Light {DIY}

Vintage cage lights.  I’m so in love with this trend right now.  The pure rustic, industrial chic look should remind us of a day when things were much more simple.  Fixtures were created more for functionality…to serve a purpose.  THIS, in my opinion, is the definition of good design.  We are in the final stages of finishing our basement right now…here’s Brett laying down the last piece of flooring, he’s so proud =)

So we came to picking out the lighting for the stairway landing, and we both knew we wanted something simple.  I really feel in love with this cage light from Ruby Lane…

…but at $145, I did not buy this.  Come on, this is Picklee!  You know I HAD to figure out how to make this myself.  I grabbed some extra wire we had laying around from the installation of our drop ceiling (12 gauge hanger wire) and some wire cutters, then began bending and twisting away…this project was so simple and I’m MORE than happy with the way my DIY Vintage Cage Light turned out…

Vintage Cage Light {DIY} 

Start with some wire cutters and a roll of wire.  I used some extra 12 gauge hanger wire we had left from installing our basement drop ceiling (only 6.97 for a roll of 300 ft. at Home Depot)

Twist the wire into a circle the size of the light base you will attach it to, my circle was approx. 6″ in diameter.

Next, cut a piece of wire in the length that you will want your light to be, the length of my light was approx. 9″.  Attach the wire to the circle.  Cut a second piece of wire the same length and twist it together with the first wire.  Continue this around the circle, spacing each wire extension about an inch apart.

Once all of your wire legs have been attached, connect them by twisting another wire circle around the bottom.  This circle should be a bit wider in diameter than the base circle, but the size will vary depending on the size of your light.

Twist the ends of the wire legs around the circle bottom to secure it.  Cut any loose wire.

Enjoy your new Vintage Cage Light!

rustic table space saving solution

Fresh Picked Friday’s {Vol. 3}


Here’s to all the fabulous things that keep me inspired…

Space saving solution (rustic table)

 Summer cocktail (lime sorbet margarita)

 Pop of color (Anthropologie Viscid Watch)

 Sweet splurge (key lime cake)

Hair Trend (the top knot)

Song (Ben Harper-The Drugs Don’t Work)

Unexpected use (trash can table)

 Vintage revival (The Rosemary Sofa)

What’s inspiring you this week?


14 Fabulous Rustic Chic Dining Tables {Inspiration}

Rustic chic style is a beautiful thing…it allows us to embrace the old and discarded by integrating them with new accents and modern designs.  Rustic furnishings are usually constructed of natural material like wood, stone, glass, clay and various types of metals in their simplest forms.  There’s just something so soothing about bringing natural elements into a home and blending them with more modern designs.  One of my favorite ways to bring rustic furnishings into a home is by adding an amazing rustic dining table.  Rustic tables make such a beautiful statement in a dining room, and they can be acquired (or made) for very little cost.

Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite rustic dining tables blended with various styles from country cottage to super modern…


I just love this rustic wood plank table from My Flights of Whimsy.  The rustic table blends perfectly with these retro modern chairs for an organic, minimalist look.

Here’s another wood plank rustic table from Young House Love, this table could be a simple DIY project too!  Simply stain 5 pieces of 2 x 6 x 8 lumber and secure them to a set of fun table legs…

 “Simplicity” is the theme here with this rustic school house table (from Feather and Nest) blended with clean, modern fixtures.

French country and rustic blend together like strawberries and cream.  This amazing combination results in pure rustic elegance.

The romantic crystal chandelier brings this raw, rustic table from basic to breathtaking in this dining room from

I just love the bright sun beaming over this unique rustic table set in the center of this wide galley style kitchen from Apartment Therapy.

This amazing romantic rustic dining table was created using old columns and a reclaimed piece of wood for the top.

This old rustic table with mix-matched antique chairs from presents true farm country style..

What a great pop of vintage green this rustic farm table brings to this shabby chic kitchen from we heart it….

Here’s another great example of what happens when rustic and modern style unite as one, perfection!

This is a great display of contemporary style mixed with rustic accents.  The result is a clean, warm and friendly vibe.

Speechless.  I adore everything about this rustic dining room, from the unique, rustic table and dreamy slip covered parsons chairs, to the orange tulip centerpieces.

Here’s another prime example of rustic modern style at its best!

 Okay, so this isn’t exactly a dining table, but it’s pretty amazing, you have to admit.  An old barn door cut up and turned into a shabby/rustic coffee table from the Show and Tell Blog, awesome!

23-sensational- home-offices

23 Sensational Home Offices {inspiration}

If not a “home office”, everyone should have a space in their home for organizing personal files, storing books, computers, etc.  This place should be both inspiring and stimulating, whatever it is that takes you to your “happy place”.  For me, a home office is an important part of my living space, its about organization, inspiring creativity, and evoking a feeling of relaxation.  Home offices can be just about anything.  The following collection showcases 23 beautifully inspiring home offices ranging from massive rooms, to under-stairway offices, to simple closets turned into home offices.  After all this inspiration, you’ll be left with the task of outfitting your home office.  One amazing resource for office fixtures and EVERYTHING home decor is HomeClick, check them out!  Remember, the environment you choose to do work in should be one of the most inspiring & uplifting spaces in your home!


 23 Incredibly Inspiring Home Offices

I just love the relaxing pallet of grays and whites in this lovely home office Centsational Girl.

You don’t need a ton of room to have an amazing work space.  This simple white desk pops against the yellow stripped wall in this home office from thedecorista.

This super eclectic loft home office is sure to inspire a great deal of creativity!

Earthy simplicity is the theme in this modest, yet fabulous home office from inspiredtoshar.

I just love the peaceful vibe in this minimalist, crisp white home office.

Good organization is key with any office environment, these fun lime green boxes, found on iheartorganizing, are super inexpensive and add loads of personality to an stark white desk.

Here’s an example from of an amazinly clever use of that under-the-stairs space, a home office!

I love the use of patterns and bright colors in this vibrant home office from ramblingrenovators.  Bright colors and patterns are a HUGE trend right now!

 Here’s another great use of that open space at the top of the stairway.  Turn it into a built-in home office like this one from hellohappinessblog.

Wow, loving those trendy bright colors again in this hip, eclectic home office from designspongeonline.

Florals and bold prints bring this modern white home office to life.

Here’s a classic home office using a gray and white color pallet with pops of pink, such an uplifting use of color…perhaps my favorite office pallet.

I adore bright colors and patterns used in this creative home office space from mycornerview.

Another minimalist home office from designspongeonline, brought to life using a groovy fur office chair.

This home office has classic style infused with a bit of dreamy, shabby chic flair.

This is a dream home office for the ultimate crafter.  Here’s a great use of space and organization from kayleeerin.

Library ladders add drama to just about any space.  If books are abundant in your home office, a library ladder like this one from lifeat5feet.blogspot can be a great addition to the space.

An L-shape desk like this one from simplykellyblog can be a great use of space in an oddly shaped room.  I love the cheery use of light blue and white in this home office.

Need a home office but short on space?  Turn any closet into a mini built-in home office!  The consistent use of blues in this closet home office from handmadebitsandpieces makes this space look like it was made for this purpose!

I love the use of white and earthy materials in this simple, rustic home office from hviturlakkris.

Wow, simply fabulous.  This classic, yet romantic home office so charming, I’m not sure if I could actually get work done in here!

What a great use of patterns in this trendy home office from cadmiuminteriors!  The black and white striped walls combined with the cow hide rug is a clever twist on a classic black and white theme.

There’s nothing more inspiring than a work space filled with sunlight.  This amazing home office is packed with sunlight and loads of storage & organization solutions.

beach rock tile project

Your Pick {Lisa’s Beach Rock Tile Project}

Lisa’s Beach Rock Tile Project showcases one amazing way to utilize one of the most common materials on the planet-rocks!  Lisa was rehabbing the guest bathroom in her coastal style home and she wanted to use a fun, beachy tile to reflect the style of the rest of the house.  High-end tile stores certainly had great options, but the prices…not so much.  This is when Lisa decided collect beautiful stones from her local beach and create the look she wanted…for free!

Lisa simply laid out the arrangement she wanted, then used tile grout to set the beach stones.  Another fabulous way to re-use & re-pupose!  Share your thoughts & rate Lisa’s Beach Rock Tile Project below!

35 diy photo walls

DIY Art/Photo Wall Collages & Endless Inspiration

Nothing says “home” and gives us “warm & fuzzy’s” more than a photo display of loved ones, happy memories, and cherished art collections.  What’s better than displaying one family photo?  Showcasing many of course!  Home art and photo walls make an incredible visual impact and enhance your home’s character & personal flair.  Whether you arrange just a small photo grouping, or dedicate an entire room to a favorite collection, this photo/art wall DIY will give you the tools & inspiration you need to make your vision a reality.

Decide what you want to showcase and where.  Photos, art, unique frames, eclectic object…or a mix?  The key is focusing on a purpose, a specific “highlight” in the collage; for example, this may be one large piece, a grouping of like items, or the simple fact of pairing balanced, symmetric pieces.

 Select the frame types (or no frames) carefully.  Regardless of their styles, colors or shapes, your frames should have a somewhat obvious commonality.  Again, the key to a successful art wall collage is pairing “like items”.  The more similar the base items in your collage (ie. all black and white photos or all french vintage poster art), the more variation you can introduce with the frames. For example, you may decide to use a variety of brightly colored vintage frames on your black and white photos, but make sure they’re similar in detail and style.  Or perhaps your not framing art, and you’re choosing to showcase simply unique frames (so chic)!

If you are grouping various types of items (ie. photos, mixed art and mirrors), your frames will need to be more uniform.  For example, with mixed eclectic pieces, you may decide to use all black modern square frames, or white with silver accent frames.  The same rules apply for matting your photos and art; for example, you might use all natural craft matting, or mostly all white mattings with a few items in black matting.

Determine sizes, placements and proportions of the items in your collage.  Sizes of items may vary or the purpose of your art wall may be uniform symmetry.  The general rule for a blending a variety of different shaped and sized pieces is that each unique piece should have at least one proportionate match, the only exception being if there is just one piece of obvious different scale being showcased.  For example, if you are using a small oval frame in a collage of mixed squares and rectangles, be sure to include a second oval frame with similar proportion and characteristics.  That second oval frame should be placed either directly near its match or directly opposite- the key is balance my friends!

Okay, so you’ve selected your collection, the location for your art or photo collage, and it’s delivery (frame, no frame).  Now it’s to the drawing boards (or more appropriately…wall)  Select the placement and layout of your collection.  Remember symmetry, balance and the pairing of like-items.  The grouping should be a harmonious blend of varying scales.  Remember, items of similar scales ad proportions should always either sit beside or mirror each other.  Often two small items will sit side by side to mirror the scale of a larger item directly opposite of them.  As an example, two small vintage tea plates may be mounted together, opposite a large ornate platter.  Use the quick placement guide below for some common art wall collage designs.

 And now for the fun stuff,





Now, I hope you’re inspired to go & create your own fabulous wall art or photo collage, and when you do, please share your ispiration, ideas & photos with Picklee!



white kitchen 4

22 White Kitchens that ROCK…

First things first,

Now, don’t ask me why, but I’ve always had a strange love affair with white kitchens.  There’s just something so classic & glamorous about a clean, white kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong, I have an appreciation for dark wood kitchens too, but bright white kitchens truly inspire me.  Whether your looking for a industrial chic white kitchen to a french country kitchen, or a beachy white kitchen to a rustic cottage white kitchen, the next stunning 15 kitchens will surely inspire you.

22 Amazing White Kitchens…

Loving the copper and gold tones blended with pures white in this country chic white kitchen

This white kitchen was designed for style & comfort, custom sewn seat covers turn these cork screw stools into inviting places to plop and chat with the chef

This white kitchen illustrates a beautiful concept, absolute contrast. A polished concrete counter top in a dark slate earth tone glows against the simple white cabinetry

I love the feeling of bringing the outdoors inside using a bank of corner windows in this upbeat, coastal white kitchen.  The polka dot slip-covered stools add a splash of fun, preppy sophistication

Dark espresso wood floors paired with whites and silver industrial bar stools create a look that’s clean and streamline.  The addition of chrome factory pendants ground the look.

A prime illustration of a rustic cottage kitchen; so sweet and charming with white planked walls and reclaimed baby blue pantry door

Lots of natural light pours through this simple, elegant white marble on white cabinetry kitchen

I’m seeing a trend here!  Embrace utility with rustic factory stools and chrome factory lights; they add character & charm to this simple white kitchen

Oh so clever; a hidden fruit and vegetable drawer in the island of these splendid white kitchen

So many colors and textures are illustrated in this white kitchen, a prime example of how you can blend pure whites with slate and dark wood surfaces.  Loving the plentiful storage in this kitchen too!

This white kitchen bursts with comfort and style, a built in window seat doubles as a conversation piece and a place to lounge and chat with the chef

Rustic, wide plank wood floors and a farm sink.  Perfection in this elegant farm chic kitchen

I have no words.  This glamorous, coastal white kitchen speaks for itself.  The sky blue tray ceiling paired with the HUGE bank of floor to ceiling windows evokes the feeling of a bright, sunny day.

An industrial chic white kitchen with exposed brick walls and duct work, so fabulous

I am drooling over the character and rustic furnishings in this French country revival white kitchen

A bright and sunny white kitchen with a floating window shelf.  Fabulous.

This bright white galley style kitchen feels large and open due to the crisp white & gray tones and sunlight flooding the room.

Loving this romantic kitchen with white marble and dreamy mood lighting.

 Here’s a lovely white kitchen with dark wide plank flooring, subway tiles and a farmhouse sink.  Absolute perfection.

 Here’s a fabulous country cottage style kitchen with white wood beam ceilings and a breathtaking candle chandelier.

We can’t forget about those amazing modern white kitchens.  This open concept modern white kitchen seamlessly blends natural wood flooring with slate countertops and hints of lime green for a pop of color.

A camel colored leather dinette bench with a pull-up table serve as an ideal spot for the kids to park and as an eat-in breakfast area with a built-in feel

kate and lou_design board_living room

First Time Home Buyers Seek Transitional Living Room Design

Kate & Lou purchased their first home in December 2011.  Now that things are beginning to settle, they are ready to tackle the design of their living room.  They’ve already made a few key improvements, like painting the walls in a shade of mocha, adding cream linen window treatments, and purchasing a light blue oriental rug.  They would like to keep their leather sofa and are willing to paint some of their existing furniture to stay within budget.

Lou prefers a darker color pallet and Kate would like to brighten up the room with lighter, brighter colors.  They both have somewhat of a traditional to transitional style, but it’s all about the compromise now!

Kate and Lou would like to keep the brown leather sofa and rug, they are willing to refinish the coffee table.


The owners would like to put a console table below the TV.

Here is the proposed design board.  The proposed design uses traditional, nuetral tones, while subtlety introducing brighter shades of red and yellow for a look that’s revived and refreshed.


  1. The Ballard Designs Exmoor Console Table, this shallow console will blend perfectly beneath the thin, wall mount television.  The cream color will pop against the mocha colored wall.
  2. Victoria Tufted Velvet Chair in Coffee, by World Market. Tufted chairs are super transitional and can work with almost any decor.  This muted tone will work perfectly against the chocolate brown sofa.
  3. This table is an example of a refinishing technique that can be done using the owners current coffee table.  The paint swatch above the table is a color that can be achieved by blending Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, one part Coco, three parts Old White.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paints work great on furniture that’s already been finished, since the chalk paint will bond to just about any surface.  Annie Sloan makes some amazing colors and wax finishes for a finished look that mirrors that of a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware piece.
  4. Hand Blown Glass Vase, by Wisteria.  Since the base colors and furniture in this room are heavier, its best to introduce accessories that are lighter in scale, glass is always a perfect way to do that.
  5. Pottery Barn, Gold Chunky Stripped Pillows, these pillows are classic and traditional with just a hint of gold tone to lighten up the darkness in the room
  6. Diamond Links Pillow, by West Elm, this fun design introduces an uplifting shade of red to the room
  7. Bee Hive Vase, by West Elm, accessories like unique vases are a fun way to spice up a room, and the yellow/gold accent tone ties in with the rest of the room, add some Forsythia Branches from Pier 1, and you have yourself a fun and simple custom arrangement
  8. The Chateau Clock from Ballard Designs, a classic metal transparent clock allows the depth of the mocha walls to come through
  9. Simple Red Candles from World Market for a splash of the red accent color
  10. Ballard Designs Winslow Large Wood Mirror, a contrasting piece that enlarges the room and ties in the cream accents throughout the room.

*Update: Kate submitted a great vase that she created for her living room after reading the Painted Vases DIY.  She picked the perfect shade of red paint and wrapped a thistle rope around the top of the vase, here it is!