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Picklee.com [pronounced “pick-lee“] was founded in early 2012 by Jordan Crompton, (that’s me!) a twenty-something girl with a ridiculous passion for reviving old, forgotten about pieces and creating beautiful things on a dime.  My purpose for creating Picklee was to inspire as many people as I could reach with fresh, innovative ideas for creating beautiful things & saving money. My greatest passion has always been bringing new life to old things by reviving & restoring otherwise helpless “picks”.  Nothing makes me happier than finding a piece of furniture to re-purpose (or creating one) for a fraction of what it would cost at some of my favorite fancy stores.

Basically, I’m just your average girl with a taste for the finer things…but without a budget to match!  This little hitch is what keeps me constantly inspired to create and share beautiful things (from crafts and jewelry to furniture and home decor) that just about anyone can do.  You’ll find that many the things I create are beach rustic/coastal inspired…I grew up (and still reside) along the coast in tiny Rhode Island, what can I say ;)

Oh, and I can’t forget my second greatest love- food.  I love trying new things and experimenting with fresh, healthy, organic foods.  The best meals are those that taste like a splurge, but are actually super nutritious and beneficial for a healthier lifestyle. On Picklee.com I share tried and true healthy living tips, new recipe creations and of course my top recipe “picks”.

Nothing inspires me more than reading your emails & hearing your ideas, thoughts and comments, so keep them coming!  I hope my “fresh picked inspiration” stirs up your creativity and brings you as much joy as it gives me to share.

38 thoughts on “About Picklee

  1. My wonderfully talented niece. I am so proud of you!! I wish you all the best Jordan and I am so happy that you found something that you are so passionate about.
    Love you!!
    Auntie Michelle

  2. Jordan, your web site is amazing! Every time I go on it there is something new, I am very proud of you…keep on pickleeing!

  3. Love your blog! I am all about re-finishing thrift store furniture but I have never dared to re-cover a chair until now! Your results are just in time for my moving into a newplace in Dallas and I will def. follow your lead! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was inspired by one of your posts in restyling accessories! I’m the type who doesn’t throw away stuff always keeping in mind, I’d find something to do with old things. :) We’ll share with you some of the restyled accessories I’ve made. :)

  5. Hi Jordan! I just stumbled across your blog, and wanted to say how much I’m loving it! I’ve already found a lot of your projects informative and inspiring. I can’t wait to try them out! Have a great day. Thanks! :o)


  6. I love making internet finds like this when I’m searching for recipes. I really like this site, and I will likely be back to check out what’s new! Good luck!

  7. I just discovered your blog through Pinterest (someone pinned the healthy baking substitutes), and I love it. Your interests are mine! What a wonderful marriage of food and bringing new life to old things. Best wishes to you for great success. ~Sherri

    • Thank you Sherri! I’m glad you found Picklee!

      Stay tuned for lots of exciting things coming in the near future!



  8. Saw your blog on Pinterest. I was wondering if you could give me some directions to follow so my painted furniture will look professional like yours. Also, could you please share paint colors and companies?
    Thank you. I love your ideas…keep them coming!!

  9. Hi Jordan,
    My friend from Newport (thisisToci.com) just shared your site. Congratulations on your new store!
    Really enjoyed your site and blog. I’ll will definitely come visit when I am in town.

  10. A wonderful store in Newport, and I can’t wait to visit which will be in another week. Jordan and her mom are great, and the store is so beautiful…..

  11. I feel the same way you do about furniture. I always told my fiance I wanted to start a furniture salvaging business. I actually get sad when I see a perfectly good piece of furniture sitting on the curb for trash pick up. The least that person could do was donate it. I wish I had a bigger car (we drive a two door Chevy Cavalier- TINY!) so I could pick up those pieces of furniture, fix them up, and give them new life.

  12. Someone posted your Healthy Baking Substitutions on Facebook, and I have been so impressed!! I had given up flour, wheat and sugar, so haven’t been baking (except cookies for church.) And I really miss some of those goodies. My teenage son says he HATES having to eat healthy all the time. You have revived our kitchen menu- thanks, Jordan!

  13. Jordan, your website was so helpful! I was doing a science project on cleaning stains and your results were better than all the leading brands! THANK YOU


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