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I hope your time spent on Picklee leaves you feeling inspired to create beautiful things & live better! I warmly welcome {and encourage} your questions and comments. Feedback from fabulous Picklee readers always makes my day!

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  1. Hi Jordan!

    Just a quick hello from Farmhill Furniture. Your Mum turned me onto your blog last night. I love your work! I smiled at your story about your visit to the west coast. I moved to Tiverton in 2010 from Nor Cal. :) I recycle and restyle vintage furniture and offer painting services for client projects. I hope to be able to advertise with you and MEET you soon. Have a great day! Cheers, Colleen

  2. hi there.. just came across your site and i love it.. i wanted to be sure to add that my daughter (age 3) has a imaginary friend named picklee.. she says it pick-uh-lee .. but this fact makes me love ur site that much more!!!!

    • Jamie, thank you! I love to hear this, and how perfect that it’s also the name of your daughters imaginary friend!

  3. Wow, You weren’t joking Jordan! I loved the site and Disneyland so far! I hope your site continues to grow and your passion for beautiful things takes you further than any 747 jet can :)

  4. Just came across your ‘astonishing natural beauty remedies’ page and fell in love! I have very sensitive skin but I also suffer from cysts and I have tried a few of these already to find comforting results! I love this site, happy to have stumbled upon it x

  5. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE!! This is such an awesome website :) You can be sure I will be checking it daily. I am so glad I came across this website because I just recently found a DIY glass cutting video that was no where near as simple as yours!!! From Jordyn in Las Vegas, NV :):):)

  6. KEEP POSTING! I officially decided i will hardly ever buy anything new again. This is by far my favorite website! Thank you for making creativity FUNctional! :]

    • I feel the same way Caitlin! I don’t remember the last time I bought something new ;)

      Stay tuned, there’s much, much more to come!



  7. Love your transformations! You have inspired me to do something with all those old pieces of furniture I keep picking up! I’m in Tiverton – can I find the chalk paint mentioned here in R.I.?
    Great blog!

  8. OK, I have an enclosed three season porch I need to redo the floor, this will be PERFECT and cost effective. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  9. Hi Jordan! Love the uses for glass bottles. One of the photos you posted shows a few soda bottles turned into drinking glasses. The top of the glass seems to have a small lip. If that’s the case, how did you do that after you cut the bottle?

  10. I was wondering if you could help me out on my website. I cannot figure some of the stuff out like how to add buttons and things like that. I would be really greatfull if you could help.
    Thank you

  11. I just found you on Pinterest with your posting of the ‘Healthy Baking Substitutes’! That is a WINNER! I have reposted to my FB wall and have already had amazing comments from friends.

    You have a great website with tons of potential. Keep the ‘healthy food’ part coming! It is very much needed as the awareness continues as to: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
    ― Hippocrates

  12. Hi Jordan,

    Really like your Plywood Farmhouse Flooring but just wondering if the are easy to wash or how to you clean them?


  13. Hi there,

    I love how you did your plywood floors, a quick question about how you prep’d the original sub-flooring to attach the plywood? did you use a cleaning solution on the sub-flooring? or use any kind of self leveling compound? Love what you are doing! Keep up the great work

  14. It was so great to meet you in your beautiful store today! Your blog is amazing! I recognize your posts from pinterest! You do a great job and have great talent! Love, Kristian

  15. Just wondering what happened to you “Fresh Picked Friday’s”?? They were the high-light of my week and I really looked forward to them. It just made my Friday’s that much better….I’m missing them.

    • I’m sorry Tamara! They will be coming back soon for sure, I PROMISE!! We’ve been planning a wedding for the past couple months so things have been nuts! Hang in there and they’ll start right back up!!

      • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Now my week is complete! Side Note: I had no idea that your wedding was coming up so fast. I sincerely hope that your wedding is as beautiful as EVERYTHING you do! Congratulations!! I’ll look forward to the wedding pics.

  16. Wow I just came across this as I just bought a house and want to do something unique and this would be it. One question tho…why did you choose to use minwax instead of polyurethaning? I like the minwax look and had not thought about that before. Do you have to minwax every once in a while? Thanks for this inspiration and the tutorial!

  17. Love the wide plank plywood floor! I’d like to install in my home. Do I need to worry about splinters if we walk in bare feet or play on the floor? I have young children.

  18. Hi! I’m new to your site and am wondering if you’d share the source for the black and white houndstooth fabric used on the Louis XV chair? I am looking for brown or gray and can’t find anything locally. Thanks!

  19. Hi Jordan! I just found your website and LOVE what you did in the store and home for your plywood floors! How are they holding up now, after 2 years? If you have liquid spilled on them, does it seep right under or soak through? I’d LOVE to rip out the carpet in my living room (it’s light beige – yuck), but am just wanting to know about the possible longevity of a plywood floor (plank or otherwise)?

  20. Hi Jordan: Love your plywood plank floors. They look beautiful. Are all of the pics posted white washed? One looks a little darker with more color…it may just be the lighting. Thanks:)

  21. Absolutely LOVE the wide plank board from plywood… I want to do this in my house we are going to be remodeling.. My question is, how hard are they to keep clean with the gaps between the boards? I’m sure they still look amazing as the older wood floors get the more beautiful they become..
    Would really love to hear back from you

    Sybil Humphries

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