Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

crown molding shoe rack1

I’m sure I’m not alone on my CONSTANT search for more closet space…every single available square inch counts in a woman’s closet–right??  So of course, whenever I find space saving solutions (for shoes or clothing) you better believe I’m all over it. Over the recent months, I’ve seen many variations on these crown molding shoe racks, and they always look very fabulous and simple!  So this simple shoe organizing solution has been on my never ending list of “things to make” for quite some time.  This past weekend, I finally got around to making my own crown molding shoe rack and I absolutely love the way it looks (and it was ridiculously easy to make too).  First, here’s a couple of the crown molding shoe racks that inspired me…

 (via apartment therapy)

(via indulgy)

Now, here’s my take on the Crown Molding Shoe Rack

crown molding shoe rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

step 1 p

Select the crown molding of your choice at your local hardware store.  Decide on the length of your shoe racks and use a chop saw to cut (or have the nice staff at the hardware store cut  the molding into lengths for you;))

crown molding shoe rack3

step 2 p

Paint the moldings to the color of your choice.  I chose a pale yellow.


IMG 8664

crown molding shoe rack2Simply mount the strips of molding to the wall using anchors and long screws.  That’s it, simple as can be!  Just think about all the space cleared up for new shoes now 😉



20 responses to “Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

  1. WE LOVE IT! Thank you so much for a great idea, this is right up our alley!
    This is a must share for our customers!

  2. so do the shoes really not fall over? you hung some big boots and I just can’t see that happening! how thick is the molding? thanks so much! :))

    1. Christina, the shoes stay on because it’s crown molding, so it comes out at a diagonal at the top 🙂

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  6. We are using plain molding and going to put strips of the rubber shelf paper glued where the heels touch.I wish I seen this post before we started 🙂 I hope what we have going on works.

  7. Thank you for posting this! I have a question. I have a crown moulding shelf in natural finish that I want to paint in white (it’s from Woodland). Can I just spray paint it without sanding or priming? I wasn’t sure if you painted yours without any prep. Thank you for your time.

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