Vintage Cage Light {DIY}

vintage cage light diy

Vintage cage lights.  I’m so in love with this trend right now.  The pure rustic, industrial chic look should remind us of a day when things were much more simple.  Fixtures were created more for functionality…to serve a purpose.  THIS, in my opinion, is the definition of good design.  We are in the final stages of finishing our basement right now…here’s Brett laying down the last piece of flooring, he’s so proud =)

So we came to picking out the lighting for the stairway landing, and we both knew we wanted something simple.  I really feel in love with this cage light from Ruby Lane…

cage light

…but at $145, I did not buy this.  Come on, this is Picklee!  You know I HAD to figure out how to make this myself.  I grabbed some extra wire we had laying around from the installation of our drop ceiling (12 gauge hanger wire) and some wire cutters, then began bending and twisting away…this project was so simple and I’m MORE than happy with the way my DIY Vintage Cage Light turned out…

Vintage Cage Light {DIY} 

step 1 p

Start with some wire cutters and a roll of wire.  I used some extra 12 gauge hanger wire we had left from installing our basement drop ceiling (only 6.97 for a roll of 300 ft. at Home Depot)

step 2 p

Twist the wire into a circle the size of the light base you will attach it to, my circle was approx. 6″ in diameter.

step 3 p

Next, cut a piece of wire in the length that you will want your light to be, the length of my light was approx. 9″.  Attach the wire to the circle.  Cut a second piece of wire the same length and twist it together with the first wire.  Continue this around the circle, spacing each wire extension about an inch apart.

step 4 p

Once all of your wire legs have been attached, connect them by twisting another wire circle around the bottom.  This circle should be a bit wider in diameter than the base circle, but the size will vary depending on the size of your light.

Twist the ends of the wire legs around the circle bottom to secure it.  Cut any loose wire.

Enjoy your new Vintage Cage Light!

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  1. I love the rustic feel of this light. In the right room it would add the right amount of charm. It looks fairly easy to put together.

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