Simple Curtain Panel Pillows {diy}

curtain panel pillows

Brett and I recently completed our finished basement (wheew, it thought I’d never see this day!)  Remember when we were just finishing up the floor a few months ago, and I created this vintage cage light? I love the rustic look the light added =)  Anyway, one of the challenges with the finished space was a built in bench that we created to cover up some plumbing pipes, simple solution right?  Well, my concern was that I wanted the built in bench to feel like a cozy, comfortable part of the space.  I decided to cozy up the built-in with lots and lots of fluffy pillows.  We all know how pricey good pillows can be, so purchasing lots of them was not in my budget at this point.  I was at a local flea market one morning when I found a gorgeous stripped curtain panel loose from it’s package for only $2 (a common occurrence at the flea’s!).  I loved the pattern for the newly finished basement space, so I decided to buy it and turn it into pillows for the built in bench!  Here’s how my simple curtain panel pillows turned out….

Curtain Panel Pillow {DIY}

step 1 p

Select an inexpensive curtain panel from (I found a single loose panel at a local flea market).  I chose a stripped pattern with buttons at the top.  Buttons at the top of the panel may make a great embellishment on your pillows.


step 2 p

Cut the panel in half directly down the center, this way you are working with two equal sections.  Depending on how large you want your pillows, cut the halves in half again (or into quarters if you are working with a large panel).  The object is to make sure that you are working with equal pieces so the pillows are symmetrical (especially if you are using stripes of a pattern like mine).


step 3 p

Now that your pieces are cut, lay two equal pieces of the panel together with the “good” side of the fabric facing in.

step 4 p

Using a sewing machine (**or no-sew fabric tape if you don’t have a sewing machine), stitch together three and one half sides of the pillow.  All three sides should be fully stitched together, the fourth side should be stitched half way so that you can stuff the pillow, then stitch back up!

step 5 p

Flip the pillow right-side-out now.  Use pillow stuffing (I used poly-fill) to fill the pillow.

step 6 p

Now that the pillow is stuffed, fold in the remaining open section of the pillow.  Use your sewing machine (or double sided fabric tape) to stitch up this final open section.

Your curtain panel pillow is complete!  Notice I left the buttons from my curtain panel on the top of some of my pillows, I thought it made a great touch!



3 responses to “Simple Curtain Panel Pillows {diy}

  1. What a great idea! Curtains are many times a durable fabric. I’ve seen these seriously marked down at walmart and target when the package is open or just one curtain is there. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Love your idea with using panel curtains. You might want to make a muslin form to put the fill then make the pillow. Reason so you can wash the pillow. Just a thought. Babs

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