10 Colorful Interior Design Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life

colorful interior design

When it comes to home decoration, you don’t have to spend much on doing a complete makeover of your home.

We’ve all tried neutral shades in our homes and we can testify they’re anything but boring.

But don’t fret! The trick is to beautify your home with splashy hues and create the colorful space of your dreams.

From adding colorful butterfly wallpaper in your living room to mixing sophisticated shades and abstract prints for a minimalist style, there are plenty of ideas to bring your home to life.

So, if your home’s interior design is stuck in the doldrums, try these colorful interior design ideas to add color to every room in your house.

1. Decorate Your Accent Wall  

You wouldn’t believe the extra pop added by simply painting a single wall of your living room.

Adding color on your living area’s accent wall can transform the focal point of any living room without having a major decorating project.

The extra color will look perfect when painted your living room’s niche wall. You can opt to decorate with a subtle color darker than the hue of the other walls or a bright, contrasting tone.

An accent wall is a great way to make your living room colorful and full of life.

2. Throw a Few Colorful Pillows

Nothing delivers a bold color statement like adding a few vibrant throw pillows. You can choose solid throw pillows for a floral seat or couch, and an array of vibrant decorative pillows for a solid color bed or sofa.

Simple interior coloring ideas such as adding throw pillows can help you add a splash of color and transform your home’s decor.

3. Add a Bit of Flowers and Green Plants

Decorating your room with flowers and green plants is an unexpected and creative way to add a sea of color to your interior décor.

You can try propping a large plant in a pot next to your sofa, placing a vase of roses in your bedroom, or even some fresh flowers or succulents in the kitchen.

Not to forget, try using pots of different colors to increase the ambiance of any room.

If you’re still undecided on the right type of flowers to choose, you can seek guidance from a local florist.

A florist will recommend some beautiful flowers or create stunning arrangements using a mix of different flowers for colorful home decor.

4. Add a Whimsical Lamp For A Colorful Interior Design

Create a focal point of your room by adding a whimsical lamp for a look and feel that’s unrestrained.

You can choose some stylish table lamps with glass bases and elegant metal accents. With lights on, the colors glow subtly and are accentuated.

You can also use a neutral lampshade that has a gold base to give your home a brilliant new style and add some sparkle.

Make sure that you choose a shade with an interesting shape and some ribbon, fringe, or beads at the top and bottom to make it colorful.

Want some contrasting lighting? Check out the different Philips hue bulbs that you can choose from.

5. Some Color on the Floor  

Throw rugs offer the perfect chance to add vibrant colors to any room in your home.

Make sure that your rug includes at least two of your accent colors or mix a tone that you like with any décor style. Area rugs also allow you to build your interior color scheme.

You can position your throw rug in front of a couch or under a table can add a splash of color and texture to your living room.

You can also place them on top of painted floors, carpets or even hardwood flooring.

You can select a contrast color or get one with an appealing pattern that matches your room’s décor to add color to your living room.

6. Add Color To Your Kitchen

There are different ways of transforming your kitchen by adding your favorite hue. You can do this by painting your kitchen cabinets both the outsides and insides with contrasting colors or varying shades of the same color.

Re-painting your cabinets brings an immediate face-lift to your kitchen design.

Another way to add color to your kitchen is by accessorizing it with pops of colors. You can get some bright dish towels or add some few metal barstools. Consider adding colorful wallpaper on your kitchen’s backsplash.

7. Reflecting Color  

Mirrors are not only great for adding style, but they also make a room brighter and offer textural element to a bare wall.

Consider choosing a mirror with an attractive frame or a graphic style and distinct texture.

You can update an old frame by painting with bright colors and decorating it using braid or cording.

Placing the mirror at the right position in a room makes it reflect the vast interior color schemes in the room and make the space brighter.

8. Get A Colorful Art

This doesn’t mean an extensive collection of fine art; you only need several color paintings, framed photographs, and posters.

Hanging art on your walls does not only add a decorative touch but also provide your walls an instant splash of color.

You can frame your photos using colorful mats and bright frames.

Colorful arts perfectly displayed on a wall also give an added layer of texture and statement to your room. Consider adding your favorite collection of arts on the walls to make your home look and feel full of life.

9. Paint the Back of a Bookshelf  

Painting the back of your bookshelf only gives your room a nice touch of color and interest.

You can consider painting the back of the shelves with a contrasting color from the one used on the outside and the frame.

You can also paint varying shades for every shelf if you need it more colorful and eye-catching. Some people prefer painting a darker shade than the one on the outside.

Your choice of color will make your collection of objects and books on the shelves colorful and bring a sophisticated look to your décor.

10. Paint Your Ceiling

Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, or your living room, painting the ceiling gives an unexpected pop of color.

You can use a darker color for your ceiling if the walls have brighter hues, or go for a lighter hue to make the room brighter. Choosing the right ceiling color adds a lively touch to your interior decor and transforms the overall feel of a room.

Transform Your Interior Décor by Adding Colors

There you have it! Bringing your home to life doesn’t cost you plenty of your money and time.

Using the above listed colorful interior design ideas; you can now bring your dream home to reality. Explore our blog for more ideas and tricks on home improvement.

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