Ideas for Great (and Unique!) Anniversary Gifts


Do you have an anniversary coming up?

Forget the wood, the paper, the fine china. Forgo the fruits and flowers or the iron. While those traditional anniversary gifts have their place, their place isn’t here.

We’re here to talk about some unique gift ideas for your spouse. Something a little different than your regular go-to. A present that’s adventurous, thoughtful, and sentimental.

What are some great anniversary gifts for those who have no clue what to buy?

The following clever ideas are perfect — whether for your husband of six years or your girlfriend of six months!

1. A Latitude and Longitude Memento

Where did you and your spouse meet? Or first officially get together? What is your special “date”?

Whatever it is, get the latitude and longitude from that area. Convert the address of the special first time you met, or kissed, or fell in love. Then have a memento made up with these coordinates on it.

You can have them stamped onto a leather bracelet. Engraved into a silver frame. Wherever you put it, it’ll be unique to you two.

2. A DIY Experience

Sometimes, some of the best gifts are more memories. You can give the gift of an experience in many ways:

  • Buy a create-your-own-hot-sauce kit
  • Buy a homebrew kit
  • Make pasta from scratch
  • Make some candles

And more activities of that nature!

Using your knowledge of your spouse, choose a fun activity you two can enjoy together. You may make your own hot sauce and love it so much that you make it for years to come!

3. A Scratch Map

Scratch maps are a fun and gorgeous gift for anyone in your life, but especially your travel partner.

Choose a scratch map that suits your tastes, whether it’s modern or more vintage-inspired. Place it somewhere where you and your spouse can have regular access to it, live a wall in your living room.

As you travel to more destinations, scratch that place off the map — just like you’re scratching a lotto ticket. It’s a unique way to document your many travels!

4. A Proposal

Perhaps this anniversary is the one that seals the deal?

If you and your spouse aren’t married yet — and you both feel it’s time — maybe this anniversary could be the one where you propose!

Treat your spouse to a romantic dinner, whether it’s homemade or at a prestigious, favorite restaurant. Pamper them, treat them to their favorite things and activities all day. Perhaps re-visit the spot you first met.

If you’re considering engagement, think about proposing with something special and different, like Morganite rings or other less traditional stones.

Great Anniversary Gifts: Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, you love your spouse and they love you. You know them well. If you listen to their daily musings, pay attention to their likes and dislikes, engage with them regularly about their thoughts — then finding great anniversary gifts will be an easy task for you.

If you struggle in the gift area in general, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Check out the gifts + entertaining section of our blog, which covers all this and more!

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