Gifting Memories: The 6 Best Personalized Family Reunion Souvenirs Everyone Will Love


Family is the most important thing in the lives of 60% of Americans.

According to the same source, a further 31% of people rate family as one of the most important things in their life.

Clearly, family comes first in terms of our closest relationships. Sure, you might drive each other crazy at times. But there’s magic in the bond of blood between siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.

However, it’s often difficult to see as much of each other as you’d like. Work, vacations, distance, and life, in general, get in the way. That’s what makes family reunions so beautiful. Your nearest and dearest come together to catch up, reminisce and have a grand old time all around.

An event so special needs marking! A souvenir from the day can be the ideal way to do just that. But what makes the perfect souvenir?

Keep reading to discover 6 awesome ideas for family reunion souvenirs.

6 Awesome Family Reunion Souvenirs

Family reunions are epic events that deserve to be marked with a memento! Here is a selection of souvenirs that will keep your reunion in mind for years to come.

1. A Family Cook Book

Most families have a host of favorite meals from their youth.

Whether its mama’s pasta marinara or papa’s pecan pie. There is sure to be a range of recipes that stand out. Why not assemble them all into a book for everyone to take home?

There’s a practical as well as a nostalgic joy in this sort of recipe book. You get to roll back the years in the form of flavors from your childhood. It may be particularly special if a loved one has passed away recently. Their memory can live on in the form of the foods they loved most.

At your reunion, why not cook up a meal with some of your favorite recipes from the selection? You can reminisce and eat at the same table, just like old times.

2. A Family Photo Album

A picture says a thousand words.

There’s nothing like a photo to bring back memories of the past. Long forgotten events and occasions are brought back to life through a simple image.

Assemble a photo album of your childhood memories. It’s a great DIY craft project that everyone will love.

If you have the time, then you could personalize it for each person in attendance. Likewise, why not make a game of it? Like secret Santa, draw names in advance and create the album for the person you pick!

Try having a Polaroid camera with you on the day of the reunion itself. That way you can have the final photo in the album as a picture of your time together.

Long after the event, you can look back and remember the fun you had.

3. Family Printed T-Shirts

A t-shirt is a classic way to mark a big occasion and bring people together.

It’s a celebration of the event. Everyone is brought together, wearing the same shirt. This is an awesome way to take pride in your family. Get funny quotes, names, the year you’re meeting, and anything else printed on the front or back. Just be sure to get people’s sizes first!

You’ll be able to wear it again in the future or have the shirt framed, to think about the event for years to come.

Why stop at t-shirts? These days you can get all manner of things printed. From key-rings to mugs and even drinks coolers. Get them printed as soon as possible so they arrive on time!

4. Family Tree Artistic Piece

Want to go all out for your reunion?

Then consider tracing your family history back through time and getting it drawn up by a pro designer. Have the design framed and give them to your family at the event.

Most families have at least someone who is hot on the family tree anyway! Speak with them for a good place to start, then do your own digging.

There’s something exceptionally special about seeing the names and dates of your predecessors. Without the people who came before you, you wouldn’t be meeting at the reunion. You’ll love discovering and sharing the stories of your historic family members.

You’ll honor their memories by compiling the family tree and hanging it on the wall.

5. Family Candles

Do you guys make a habit of meeting once a year, or something similar?

Why not create some personalized candles that can burn for as many days as you’ll be apart?

You can light it every day and count down the days until you get to see one another again. This will be easier for families who see each-other more frequently! However, any candle is a thoughtful gift that people will appreciate.

Whenever they light it they will recall the reunion.

6. Family Alcohol Maker

Does your family love a tipple or two?

Maybe there’s even a classic family drink that everyone enjoys. Be it beer or spirit, you’ll find the necessary equipment to make it. A fun family challenge may be a home-alcohol making kit. See who can brew or distill the greatest version of the drink for the next family reunion!

There can be no better incentive to meet up again sometime soon!

An alternative version of this gift would be to perfect the drink prior to the reunion. Bottle the finished drink up and hand it out as the souvenir itself.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: 6 awesome ideas for family reunion souvenirs.

Families are important. They’re the people who you’re closest to and who know you best. It’s important to treasure and nurture every single one of the relationships within it and to make the most of your time together.

Family reunions are a great way to bring everyone together. And there’s no better way to mark the occasion than with a thoughtful souvenir for everyone to go home with.

Hopefully, this piece has provided some ideas for what to create for your own family reunion.

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