15 Brilliant Family Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

15 brilliant family gift ideas
Searching for gifts that an entire family can enjoy? Then click here! This article will highlight 15 brilliant family gift ideas that everyone will love.

15 brilliant family gift ideas

It’s no secret. The more popular social media is, the more isolated everyone is becoming.

Think about it. When is the last time you actually had dinner around the family table? Better yet, when’s the last time you didn’t touch your phone when someone was talking to you?

As you know, here at Picklee, we’re all about family engagement. From craft projects to DIY – one of our goals is to create beautiful moments with the family.

One way to get the family together? Presents, of course!

We’ve put together a list of family gift ideas that everyone is sure to enjoy!

The Ultimate List Of Family Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Picking out presents for the family can be so hard. Because everyone has different tastes and comes from different age groups – finding the perfect family gift can seem like a chore more than anything.

But there’s no need to worry. We’ve put together the ultimate list of family gift ideas!

1. A Popcorn Machine

I don’t like movie popcorn – said no one ever.

A popcorn-maker made it to the top of our list when it comes to great family gift ideas because it breaks people away from the habit of popping individual, non-shareable bags – we figured this would be the perfect gift.

Why Netflix and chill by yourself when you can do it with the family? Plan around one Saturday night a month when everyone’s schedule is cleared and have a poll on what movie the family will watch.

A movie-theatre style popcorn machine is going to be one of the most perfect gifts for the whole family.

2. Snow-Cone Maker

With the summer coming up, this had to be on our list!

Because summer is usually full of barbecues, beach trips, and family fun days – a snow-cone maker is the perfect gift idea for reuniting the crew!

One of the cool things about a snow-cone maker is that you don’t have to be an expert to use it. Even though it’s used at cool events like the circus and/or state fairs – it can be used in the comfort of your own home as well.

According to Dream Kitchen Solutions, here’s the list of must-have snow-cone machines for the year!

3. Jumbo Map For Future Travels

Family trips are always a good idea! It gives you the time to detox from the world and allows you to spend time with the people you love.

A cool family gift idea? Invest in a jumbo map for future travels! Because they come in all sizes and patterns- you’re able to mark the places you’ve been and plan out the places you want to go!

4. A Hoverboard

Manufactured in 2015, this is the one invention that is still driving families all over the globe crazy!

Both adults and children were found riding up and down streets, sidewalks, and boardwalks with this new gadget that made you feel like you were traveling the speed of light.

Think robot meets skateboard. These electric gizmos are bound to bring the family together for a great time and even better experience.

Thinking about getting a hoverboard for the whole family to enjoy? Visit our friends at GoTrax and find an electric board that will bring the family together.

5. A Fondue-Maker

…Because who doesn’t love fondues?!

There’s an unwritten rule that melted cheese and chocolate brings families together. So why not invest in a fondue maker?

Smores, fruit, wine, appetizers – whether your family is full of energetic children or working adults – this will be the perfect family gift for those who are trying to spend more quality time with the ones they love.

6. Literary Subscription Box

If you want your family to read more this year, this is going to be the perfect family gift.

Families nowadays are so accustomed to being on their phones, even during family functions. Unfortunately, social media doesn’t necessarily serve as a catalyst for education.

Step up your vocab with a literary subscription box! Choose the age groups associated with your household and these subscription companies will send you the literature that suits each demographic!

7. Chalkboard Table Runner

Have you ever walked inside of a restaurant and the waiter handed your child crayons to color on the tablecloth with!?

Why not bring that into your home?

While waiting for dinner to finish cooking, a chalkboard table runner would be a great gift for the artsy family.

This cool thing about this gift is that it isn’t limited only to the kids! It can be for adults too! Hold competitions or draw a masterpiece – check out these cool chalkboard table runners for your next family function.

8. Matching Pajamas

C’mon now! Who doesn’t love matching pajamas?

As cheesy as it might seem, this is one of the perfect family gift ideas! Because these gift sets come customizable to any size family – you can get matching pj’s for the kids, the parents, and even the dogs!

Get ready to upload cute family pictures on Facebook and Instagram while flaunting your cute new pajamas.

10. An Outdoor Fire Pit

It doesn’t have to be cold for you to enjoy a fire pit!

Fire pits are such a good idea for bringing the family together. I mean, think about it. The best convos always come from a good time around the fire pit. Make smores, roast marshmallows, drink wine – a fire pit is bound to increase your quality time with the family.

oh, and contrary to popular belief, an outdoor fire pit doesn’t have to be super expensive! Check out these outdoor firepits!

11. Tickets To A Concert

There are some events that you don’t primarily think of going to with your family. Let’s take concerts for example. For some reason or another people never associate concerts as a family event.

But why go to a concert with your friends when you can go with your family?

Gather the family together to take a vote! (Keep in mind that not everyone is going to like the same music) Make a list of upcoming concerts coming to your area and figure out which one the family will be down to go to!

13. A Family Tree Knit Quilt

This is going to be one of our favorites. Everyone is always curious to know more about there family and where they came from!

So why not make this a tradition?

Quilted family trees is an awesome gift that helps keep the family engaged. This could be passed down from generation to generation.

If you’re curious to know a little bit more about your family history, sites like Ancestry.com and FamilyTreeSearcher.com will help guide you in the right direction.

14. A Gumball Machine

We couldn’t go through this list and leave the family gumball machine out of it!

Did you know that gumball machines weren’t only limited to grocery stores? You’re able to purchase a candy machine and use it in the comfort of your own home!

The cool thing about it? The coins inserted in the machine can be used for a great cause. Because all proceeds are going to the home anyways – you can gather the family and choose where you would like the collected money to go.

Think of a local charity or a community improvement project everyone would want to save up for. Take a poll and prepare to give back to the ones who are less fortunate.

15. Canvas Teepees

Remember how cool it was to make tents out of sheets and chairs when we were young?

Well, it’s an actual thing now!

Make space in your living room, bedroom, and/or family room for an indoor campsite. Canvas teepees not only allows you to experience the benefits of camping with air conditioning – but it also is a great idea for the artsy side of the family.

You’re able to bedazzle, color, and draw on these canvas teepees and customize it according to whatever theme you’d like. Having a taco-themed indoor camping trip? Decorate your “campsite” with all things tacos. Having a glamor-style camping trip? Bejewel your teepee while flaunting on the red-carpet.

This is going to be the perfect present for families with small children with wild imaginations. Think of family-friendly themes and set up the perfect campsite for it in the comfort of your own home.

Planning Your Next DIY Project? Let Us Help!

Whether you’re looking for perfect family gift ideas or simply want to redecorate your living room – we’re here to help! Because everything we do revolves around the family, we’re here to be your number one resource for the fun stuff!

From our favorite recipes to design inspiration – we have everything that will meet your family lifestyle fix! Feeling inspired? Be sure to check out our shop or contact us with any questions.

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