Creating Keepsakes: 3 Fantastic Goodie Bag Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion


Last year’s family reunion was easily the best you’ve ever had. The fun, the food, the connecting with the family…all of those are memories that you’ll be able to cherish for many years to come.

But if there was one thing you could change, it would be the lack of take-home goodies. There’s nothing quite like a take-home gift to remember a beautiful family reunion – and nothing takes the cake quite like a goodie bag.

A gift bag is a perfect way to showcase that you care at a family reunion, and you can place some really neat things inside it as mementos of the reunion. With that being said, buying a gift bag is definitely the best way to go.

Some Goodie Bag Ideas to Make Your Next Reunion a Blast

Here are a few goodie bag ideas to help you on your way to building the best gift bags you (and your family) have ever seen. Read on to learn more.

Throw in a Cookbook!

Everyone is always asking about Grandma’s secret recipe. Why not help them out by putting together a family cookbook?

Family recipes are one thing that should be passed down from generation to generation. After all, the food is a tradition in your family, and making a cookbook will guarantee that it won’t get lost to time.

Getting that secret recipe from Grandma, however…good luck with that.

Make Drawstring Bags!

There’s nothing quite like custom drawstring bags! Having a custom drawstring bag at your reunion would be a great gift for attendees of all ages.

A drawstring bag is great for a number of reasons. First off, they are very easy to make, which means they’re also very inexpensive. The price goes even lower when you order in bulk, so the more at your family reunion, the merrier!

It also helps that they’re incredibly easy to use, and they work for both men and women. Top that off with the fact that they’re durable and can hold quite a bit of stuff, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think about them sooner.

Get Photo Key Chains!

Everyone has a set of keys they use on the daily. What better way to keep the reunion on the mind than a photo key chain?

Photo key chains are a great way to make the memories happen, and they’re extremely inexpensive. Getting a picture of a funny or heart-touching moment at the reunion would be a perfect shot for the key chain itself.

The best part? You can use those photos to create other family photography projects, so there’s more family memories to go around.

Everything You’d Ever Want to Know

You have all of the goodie bag ideas you need to take your family reunion to the next level. Why not have a look at some other ideas you may like to try?

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