It’s Party Time! 40th Birthday Invitation Wording Rules


Uh oh. You’re 39. And you’re about to turn 40. You think back to high school and your twenties. Where did those years go? How did you get here? But never forget — 40 isn’t old.

The old adage is true: “life begins at 40.” You have many great years ahead of you and you still have many lessons to learn.

What’s the best way to kickstart your 40’s? Host the world’s greatest party — duh! Inform your family and closest friends with some banging birthday party invitations!

But there are some rules when sending out the invites. Here’s your guide to 40th birthday invitation wording.

Refer Back to Old Times — But Don’t Seem Helpless

You’ll likely know your guests extremely well. To spice up your birthday invitations, use some nostalgic memorabilia. Attach old pictures and fun memories.

However, do so in a way where you don’t sound helpless or you’re living in the past. Use some humor or write a message such as “let’s try and top my 21st!”

You can also find a way to add nostalgic designs and fonts. Take your custom birthday invitations to the next level with designs from the past!

Be Sensitive About Age

While you may want to laugh about reaching 40, not everyone will share this sense of humor.

Instead, don’t make your party all about age. State it’s your 40th and express your party as a “milestone party.” Try and not poke fun at getting old or calling your guests old.

Types of 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

While the rules mentioned previously are general rules, there are rules pertaining to specific invitation types. Here’s a lowdown of the different types of invitation wording.

Funny Invitations

As mentioned before, make light of the occasion but try not to make fun of anyone or of the age.

For example, a message such as “the 20th anniversary of my 20th birthday” is clever and will make your loved ones chuckle.

Traditional Invitations

Who said you have to mention your age? A traditional birthday invitation is just that — highlighting your birthday and inviting your friends to join.

If you do prefer a traditional invitation, make it fun. Say something cute like “I’m celebrating my big 4-0!”

Invitations for Him

If you’re a soon-to-be-40-year-old hosting a bachelor-style party, try and make it as casual as possible. Think of it as another day with the boys. Include messages like “let’s crack a few beers and throw some burgers on the grill!”

Invitations for Her

If you’re throwing a big 40 party with the girls, follow the same advice for the guy’s invitation and see it as a casual day with your friends. Maybe write a message such as “I’m throwing a party! Come over to my place and celebrate!”

Need Some Birthday Gift Ideas?

Now you know the best 40th birthday invitation wording.

But is it not your birthday? Did you receive an invitation to your friend’s 40th birthday party? Visit our gifts and entertaining section to contemplate what gifts to give and activities for the party!

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