How to Throw an Awesome High School Graduation Party

highschool graduation party
A high school graduation should be a memorable experience for your new grad. Here’s how to throw an awesome high school graduation party.

Are you looking for a way to celebrate your teenager’s recent graduation from high school?

A grad party is an excellent way to show your kid that you’re proud of them. Graduating from high school is a huge milestone in a person’s life. For some people, it marks the end of schooling forever.

We know you want to throw your teen a high school graduation party that they’ll remember. This article will teach you how to throw an amazing grad party.

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highschool graduation party

1) Nail Down a Guest List

Chances are your child didn’t get along with everyone in high school.

They probably won’t be excited if you invite the entire class to their grad party. Instead, keep the guest list down to your child’s close friends and family members.

Think about the people who have really made an impact in your graduate’s life over their time in school and invite only those people.

Your child will look around at all the people who really matter to them and feel a sense of accomplishment at their grad party.

2) Make a “Fire” Playlist

Ask your recent graduate what their Spotify username is and then do some music research.

You want to make a playlist for the party that’s packed with music your grad really likes.

Feel free to mix in some sentimental songs like Greenday’s “Time of Your Life.”

You can even do a mix of your teen’s favorite songs throughout middle school and high school. This is sure to get people dancing and laughing at the throwback music.

3) Make a Slideshow

There is no way to throw a high school graduation party without getting sentimental.

You might as well embrace this fact by making a slideshow of your grad from the time they were born to the time they graduate.

Be sure to include pictures of their family and friends who are also attending the party so that everyone can feel engaged and part of the group.

4) Do a Snap Cup

A snap cup is essentially a cup full of compliments about your grad.

Throughout the party ask people to write on a piece of paper what they appreciate about your grad. It can be a compliment on their intelligence or a fun memory they share.

Then, at the end of the party, read out the items in the snap cup and have everyone snap after each one for your grad.

This snap cup of memories and compliments will serve as a time capsule for your grad. Whenever he or she wants to look back on how high school was, they can read the contents of the snap cup.

5) Have Awesome Finger Foods

You want to keep a high school graduation party light and fun. Therefore, you probably won’t want to plan a full sit down meal.

Instead, plan a menu of fun finger foods that your grad loves.

Miniature hot dogs, sandwiches, and cookies are all examples of delicious celebratory foods.

Get a shaved ice maker to serve everyone snow cones. This is especially good since most high school graduations take place in the summer months.

6) Plan Games for the Party

Your grad and your guests will have a much better time if there are activities planned for them.

Play fun games at the party to keep people engaged. One good idea is to ask your grad’s friends who are also graduating to bring a baby photo of themselves. Then everyone else at the party has to guess which baby is which graduate.

You can also play “head bands” where everyone puts the name of a famous person on their forehead and walks around asking each other questions in order to discover who they are.

Any party game that gets people mingling is an excellent choice for a high school graduation party.

7) Decorate Your House

What’s a party without a few decorations?

Decorate your house for the grad party with themed decorations. If you’re not sure what the theme should be, consider your grad’s interests.

If they were really into soccer in high school, then make the party soccer themed. If they’re excited to start at a university in the fall, then make the party themed around that university.

Having a theme for your party ties everything together and adds ambiance.

8) Make it a Surprise Party

If you want to really kick your high school graduation party up a notch, make it a surprise party!

Ask your guests to not tell the special graduate about the party. Then come up with an excuse to get your grad to leave the house for an afternoon.

When they come back have all their guests jump out at them and let the festivities begin.

9) Set Aside Time for Gifts

Designate a certain time during the party for your grad to open the gifts people got him or her.

They will enjoy getting to see her open the gifts while they’re there and this will also make your grad feel even more showered with love.

After all, this is their time to shine.

Follow These Tips to Throw an Amazing High School Graduation Party

If you follow these tips and keep your grad’s personal interests in mind, then you’ll be well on your way to throwing an amazing party.

Remember that this day is all about celebrating their accomplishment of finishing high school. Keep the celebration at the focus point of your party and don’t get too carried away with the details.

Ending high school can be a scary time, so the most important thing is that your grad has fun and feels loved.

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