DIY Baby BOO Black Tie Pumpkins [Halloween Tutorial]

black white pumpkins

Are you all ready for the Trick-or-Treater’s on Thursday?  I must admit, Halloween is one of my favorite nights of the year.  If I could still get away with dressing up and collecting candy and Halloween treats door to door I definitely still would!  Oh well, at least I get to eat all the leftover candy I buy for my neighborhood kiddos =)   Every year I like to try something different with pumpkins, besides the obvious carvings.  This year, I bought a bunch of little white Baby Boo Pumpkins, which also happened to be the place cards at my wedding-here’s a photo of one of them, more wedding photos to come!

After the wedding, I was left with lots of Baby Boo pumpkins, so I decided to dress some of them up in black and white!  These little guys looked so chic after their makeover, I dubbing them the “Black Tie Pumpkins“!

Baby BOO Black Tie Pumpkins

Gather up:

a few baby white pumpkins

Deco Art’s Glamour Dust in Black Ice

One small paint brush

Use a small paint brush to fill in every other ridge on the pumpkin with the black glitter paint.  The ridges on the pumpkin make it super easy to stay in the lines =)

I LOVE the way the Glamour Dust paint glitters in the sun!

Allow the pumpkins to dry for a couple hours and there you have it, glamorous black tie pumpkins!

This is a super simple Halloween project to do with the kids =)

Don’t eat too much candy!

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