Pumpkin Teeth & Ghost Poop! {Halloween DIY}

Pumpkin teeth ghost poop1

Halloween is such a fun time of year…not just because we get to dress up and eat lots of candy…but also because it’s one of the only times of year we can go crazy with silly/spooky decor and it’s totally acceptable!  I haven’t gotten too deep into the Halloween decorating yet, but I’ve started with a few small Halloween crafts around the house.  Halloween just isn’t complete without the infamous sugary little orange striped cones-candy corn!  So to get into the Halloween spirit, I picked up a couple of bags of candy corn the other night.  I wanted to come up with a different way to display them this year…here’s what I came up with!

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I had a couple extra canisters laying around, so I decided to fill them with some Halloween treats…I used candy corn and mini marshmallows, then hung silly chalkboard tags around the them for fun!  I still can’t hold back the smile each time a walk by these!

Pumpkin Teeth & Ghost Poop Halloween Candy Jars…

I started out by cutting out two small pieces of cardboard, then painting them with a quick coat of chalk paint (in CeCe Caldwell, Vermont Slate).  My new favorite chalk paint is CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay paint, it’s 100% natural with no chemicals, VOC’s, etc.  This paint comes in so many fun colors, and it applies like a dream 🙂

Once the chalk paint dried, I used a pair of scissors to poke holes in the corners of the chalk squares.  Then I thread a piece of twine through the holes, so that I could hang the mini chalk boards around the jars.

Using chalk, I scribbled “pumpkin teeth” and “ghost poop” on the tags, and viola!  Fun Halloween treat jars!

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    1. Love and making for our Fall dinner and pumpkin carving tonite for my 2 year old grandson to have his pic taken! 🙂

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